Best apps for listening to online radio

There are a ton of online radio stations out there – here’s the best of the rest

Do a quick google search of the keyword term “online radio” and in about a half second’s time, you’ll get 836,000,000 results.


The reason there’s so much out there is because of the proliferation of web-capable gadgetry in recent years that allow listeners to stream music wherever they are. Whether it’s a talk show or podcast, live stream of a sporting event or a station devoted to a specific musical genre, there’s an online radio station that suits your need.

The following are a handful of what we consider the best of the rest, and what makes them different from all the others.

They’re listed in no particular order.

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Deposit old gadgets into ATM, get cash in return

Great way to recycle old electronics and gadgets

ecoATM recycle electronics for cash

Here’s an idea so brilliant, it makes me angry that I didn’t think of it first myself.

ecoATM is a stand-alone machine that users can go up to and “deposit” their old mobile phones, MP3 players, and other useless electronic gadgetry in exchange for cold, hard cash.


The machine is automated and can distinguish between 4,000 different types of electronic devices, yielding 97.5% accuracy to give the user the right amount of money. What’s more, the machine can tell if the device is cracked or broken, and will adjust the payout accordingly.

ecoATM recycle old electronics

So how’s it actually work? The user just walks up to the machine, places their device into the kiosk, and a visual scan runs over it to identify what kind of gadget it is. If it’s a device it can take, the machine provides the user with a connector cable to link the device to the ecoATM network, where the value is determined over the course of a few minutes. After that, cash is either dispensed or the user can choose to donate some of the money to a charity.

The obvious question at this point: how much money can you get out of doing something like this? According to the company, some phones are worth near $300 in the machine, and one of industry’s best portable speakers will turn provide the user $5 million (okay, that might not be true).

Worth noting: around 75% of the gadgets that go in to the machine will go to a new owner, while the rest get recycled.

ecoATM in use

ecoATMs are already in place all across the country and you can go to their website to see if there’s one close to you. The company hopes to have 300-plus machines in shopping malls and large stores by the end of the year, and is looking to get into the international market in the future.

ecoATM in shopping mall

Check out video of the ecoATM below:

See if there’s an ecoATM near you at

The reason hardware companies are failing


The consumer electronics market has quickly deteriorated into a case where it is Apple and everyone else.  Everyone else includes Sony, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Motorola, RIM, Logitech and Samsung.  Of these major companies, all except Samsung have seen decreased sales and loss of market share.  Why are these companies failing to get me lusting for their products?

Mostly because my gadget arsenal consists of an essential list including a Macbook Air, and iPhone, and Boombot speaker.  If you tap into my audio, I have some Sennheiser headphones and a Yamaha component system.  I could live without the Yamaha system, but I couldn’t even pull $200 on Craigslist for it… so it stays.  Having said that, the essentials include a smartphone, laptop, headphones, and portable speaker.  If you are hardware company not successfully manufacturing and marketing one of these four hardware items, your company is dying.

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