How Do Cell Phones Makes Your Life Better?

Our buddy Earl hit us up with this rad infographic on how cell phones make our lives better. Of course, we all know that Tinder-ing and lurking the Facebook cannot be done with an ordinary mobile phone, one needs a legit Android or iPhone, paired with a lickedy split data connection. Waking up and checking Instagram is a habit of many, checking in on friends and idols alike, sure makes people happy.

Have a look:

How Cell Phones Makes Your Life Happier?

The raddest statistic we found is the streamlining of the music/MP3 playback devices. Now that all your tunes are on your phone, why not pick up a portable speaker as mobile as your phone, to hear those tunes the way the artist meant for you.

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon code) and Boombotix


Boombotix Files Provisional Patent for Synchronized Digital Media on Mobile Networks


1,093 successful U.S. patent applications on 13 October 1868, at the age of 21 Source: Rutgers

From the moment I started this company, I envisioned creating the ultimate mobile audio system. We always tossed around the idea of being able to synchronize our media to enable our users to create a mobile social listening experience. Historically, the only way to synchronize content was over AM/FM radio or local Wi-Fi networks. Each of these mediums has limitations. With AM/FM broadcasts, signals degrade in quality. A lot of noise is introduced in the line. This archaic technology requires a robust transmitter and compliance with the FCC when broadcasting beyond 100 feet. With Wi-Fi, a lot of the bandwidth constraints are lifted at the expense of power consumption and overall mobility.

Synchronic is a technology we came up with to synchronize digital media over a mobile network (3G/4G/LTE). Our belief was that this technology will work good today and phenomenally tomorrow. A lot of what we are building is driven around managing latency between devices. Content is streamed from the cloud to multiple devices. Our technique accommodates varying operating systems and handsets to manage latency with the goal of creating a delta no greater than 25 milliseconds (small enough not to be detected by ear). This has been done on Wi-Fi and you can even see the technology featured in Samsung’s Group Play feature, but we’re taking this tech and putting it on the cloud.

Check out our provisional  patent for synchronized digital media content on mobile networks here. If you are interested in filing your own provisional patent application, this article will guide you through it in three easy steps.

Fig1 Shows one device uploading content to the cloud and streaming to multiple devices in sync.

Fig1 Shows one device uploading content to the cloud and streaming to multiple devices in sync.


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Boombotix Launches New Site Design

New Website Launch


For those that have followed us along the years, you have probably seen the evolution of the brand.  From Skullyboom rebranding to Boombotix, wired to wireless devices, we’ve been through the depths of the portable speaker market.  We are very much a product driven team, but we don’t overlook the value of creating great digital content.  Selling portable speakers online is actually surprisingly difficult.  This isn’t something you can easily show a demo of over the web.  I love the challenge.

I believe that eCommerce is the future of retail.  The arena of digital merchandising has morphed into a game of art fused with technology.  I’ll do what I can to stay on the forefront there.
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How mobile Software will influence hardware design at CES 2012

This year at CES, mobile apps are expected to be a central focus at a trade show that was previously dominated by hardware.  Certainly the plethora of new tablets and mobile devices will still retain their ranks, but one trend that has picked up amongst hardware manufacturers is the necessity to bring an App based interface thats compatible with other mobile devices.

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