Boombotix HYPE Ride Mix


Are you going the distance? Are you going for speed? Are you all alone in a time of need? Well lucky for you we’ve curated this delightful ride mix engineered specifically, for providing you a 10% increase in horsepower for your next ride. “Ride what!?”, you ask? Anything! Whether it’s a horse, bike, skateboard, a paddleboard, or an elephant, this mix should set the right mood for your next adventure.

Thanks for listening and let us know what kind of music you want to hear next. We often post our mixes on our Facebook page if you want to get the low down.

Music increases performance and energy. Its a fact.

Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Music allow us to focus on whatever we are doing without losing flow or continuity. That is important to anyone that enjoys performing at a high level. Whether you are working , undergoing intense exercise, or raging face, music can be considered a performance enhancer. Music has helped elite tri-athletes in Australia increase their endurance by 15%, researchers say (Source:BBC)  Why?  Its said that music has the ability to mask pain or the perception of effort.

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