Do-good headphone maker helping out deaf community

Company sets up donation policy similar to Tom’s Shoes

While we don’t necessary like to encourage our audience to check out the competition, the folks over at LSTN are doing too good of a deed to be overlooked.


For those unfamiliar with the brand, LSTN sells headphones made of reclaimed wood. The company was started by Bridget Hilton following a trip she took through the Redwood Forest. A guitar / piano player, Hilton felt that wood could enhance the acoustics of a headphone set; aesthetically speaking, she figured the material might look a bit nicer than a majority of products on the market nowadays.


By all accounts, this is a pretty straightforward small business story so far. Where it changes is when Hilton partnered up with social enterprise expert Joe Huff.

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Talk about your win-win: Cheap headset mocks Beats by Dre headphones, makes donations to charity with every purchase

Headgear started out as April Fool’s gag, stuck around after people started buying them

Beets by OrigAudio

Welp, you can officially file this story under “AWESOME”: The headphones you see above are called “Beets” and they’re by OrigAudio. Originally created as an April Fool’s Day device to mock the super-popular, globally-hated “Beats by Dre” headphones, “Beets” was being positioned as a fashionably unique alternative that is more affordable, more nutritious, and also supports a great cause.

The reason why they’re still around – people actually started buying them.

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Headphones play music depending on wearer’s mood

New audio technology unveiled at SXSW

Interesting concept by Neurowear — the company has unveiled new headphones called “Mico” which play music based on the wearer’s mood.

Mico headphones

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