PSY releases new music video – breaks YouTube

New video from everyone’s favorite South Korean musician reaches 80 million views in less than two days

South Korean mega-superstar PSY has released his second music video on YouTube, and has already achieved close to 80 million views in the two days since it’s gone live.

Gentleman mv video

Psy playing soccer

PSY picking wedgie

The new video is called “Gentleman M / V” and truth be told, the whole experience is just as weird as the uber-popular Gangnam Style clip that’s chalked up over 1.5 billion views to date.

Video after the jump.

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What Low End Theory San Francisco is and why it rocks so damn hard

Forward-thinking recurring music series gaining popularity in the Bay Area at break-neck pace

Low End Theory music

Being the makers of the best portable speaker in the industry, we get asked a lot of questions about music, and lately we’ve been getting a number about San Francisco’s Low End Theory music series:

What is Low End Theory?

When is Low End Theory?

Where is Low End Theory?

So to appease all you Low End Theory curiosios out there, here’s a quick summary on everything you need to know about it, and why it rocks the nuts off San Francisco.

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We like to party HARD

Our skater Jevelle Wiltz is one talented dude. If he’s not out skating the streets or skate parks in Reno, Sac-town or Frisco you can find him rapping up a storm, playing a beat off his i-phone and blasting his portable speaker. Velly Vell’s debut song and music video, “We Like To Party Hard,” is all about meeting ladies, dancin’ and partying (something else he happens to be good at). What do you guys think about this song? Think he’s got what it takes to be American’s Next Top Rapper?

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