New Nokia phone costs $20, has a 1.45” screen, and has a battery that lasts a full month

Phone introduced at Mobile World Congress 2013

Look at Nokia making waves! The phone manufacturer (among other things) hasn’t come out with a decent handset in a while, but shocked everyone and their mother at Mobile World Congress 2013 when they introduced the Nokia 105 — a $20 smartphone that features a 1.45” bright color screen and a battery that can last a full month on a single charge!

Nokia 105

Now, granted, this phone is not likely to be the next big thing. It’s no iPhone. It’s no Galaxy S IV. Heck, it’s not even in the same boat as Blackberry’s new Z10 phone. But what it lacks in glitz and pizzazz it makes up for in functionality.

New phone from Nokia

What I mean by that is that it’s a modern-day phone, complete with apps and other smartphone functionality, but it’s simple enough for the gadgetphobic to be able to use without wanting to shove the device down the trash compactor.

Full line of Nokia 105 phone

And it lasts. Boy does it last. The Nokia 105 can provide 12.5 hours of actual talk time and up to 35 days on standby all on a single charge. That’s pretty good considering that the type of person who would get a phone like this is less interested in its ability to get on Facebook, tweet through Twitter, or stream music through a Bluetooth portable speaker, and more interested in getting in touch with their grandchildren, er, I mean, hip friends.

Screen shot of Nokia 105

Nokia is positioning the phone as “the ideal device for the first-time home buyer” and saying that it could also be brought into the developing world as a means for introducing the population there to mobile technology. For those who already have a top-notch phone, the company suggests the Nokia 105 as a good back-up phone for emergency situations.

The phone itself features a one-piece pillowed keypad that’s both dustproof and splashproof. It comes with five preloaded games, flashlight, five alarms, FM radio functionality, speaking clock, and more.

They’re expected to begin rolling out in the coming months.

Check out video on the Nokia 105 below: