You could have 200 Boombots—or a six-foot, fully-animated dinosaur. Your choice.

Toy company brings really expensive, really big dinosaur to market

Scotland’s largest toy company, H. Grossman, are going all out with their latest toy—a fully animated, unbelievably large, and ridiculously priced dinosaur.


Pretty cool looking, right? This 20-foot-long “toy” is called the Animated Megasaurus and it does everything but eat your kid brother; that is, it makes grunting noises, breathes, and even moves its head, eyes, mouth, body, legs and tails whenever somebody walks by.

Some models even have the ability to walk around.

Freaked out yet? If not, you’re about to be. The price for this ridiculously awesome toy—$14,000.

That’s right—approximately 200 of our awesome portable speakers. For a pet dinosaur.

Money no object for you? Then you’ll be pleased to know that H. Grossman offers options so you can have some variety in your backyard Jurassic Park. The model above is the T-Rex, but there’s also the Triceratops model available, too. They all do the same thing—sensors pick-up nearby movement and spring to life when anyone walks past them.

This whole story is a bit tongue in cheek, of course—not everyone can afford this toy. And H. Grossman is aware of this. That’s why they have smaller versions of these dinos available for a bit more reasonable price too.