Gas-powered surfboard can hit 35MPH without catching a single wave

Awesome contraption for those who don’t have access to the ocean

Got the surfer’s urge but the ocean’s too far of a drive? You might want to check out the JetSurf board then: a gas-powered surfboard that lets you hang ten on any body of water you want!

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Website comes up with list of most bikeable cities in the US

Popular site “Walk Score” comes up with best areas to go two-wheeling

Walk Score Bikeable City San Francisco

If you haven’t heard of Walk Score before, basically it’s a website that uses a bunch of factors to determine the walkability of various cities throughout the U.S. Bored with this redundant task, the team there has decided to branch out and expand their offerings with a new list of the best cities to strap one’s portable speaker to their bike and do some two-wheeling.

Portable speaker on bike

Scores were determined by a battery of considerations, including number of bike commuters, road connectivity, total bike lanes available, amount of hills throughout the area, as well as votes and input from thousands of members of the Walk Score community.

Cities were ranked on a score of 100, with a ranking between 90 and 100 meaning “biker’s paradise” while something like 50 to 69 means “bikeable” but not great and 0 to 49 refers to an area with minimal bike infrastructure.

Not to give things away or anything, but the 10 most bikeable cities are as follows:

Bike Score: 79

Bike Score: 70

San Francisco
Bike Score: 70

Bike Score: 68

Bike Score: 67

Washington D.C.
Bike Score: 65

Bike Score: 64

Bike Score: 64

New York
Bike Score: 62

Bike Score: 62

As for the bottom feeders, two of the least bikeable cities include Pittsburgh (Bike Score of 39) and Cincinnati (37). Agree? Disagree? Think your city belongs in the top 10? Let us know!