Infographic Essentials to Electronic Hardware Design

A lot of people have ideas of things they want to build but sometimes it can be daunting to get started.  Electronic hardware design in particular is something that scares most people.  Naturally, not everyone has every skill set required to make electronics, so most people dismiss it as the impossible.  They concede that only large companies with deep engineering resources can make electronics.  Fortunately, the rules have changed.  Technology has leveled the playing field and ODMs have opened their doors for business to entrepreneurs with a smaller wallet.

When we started building Boombots, we were working out of a garage (like most startups).  With less than $12k invested, we managed to get a finished production quality prototype and a completed injection mold.  Get in business gentlemen.

Recap of our trip to factories in China

Assembly line in China 

Over the past week, I’ve ventured into five different portable speaker and electronics factories in three different cities including Shen Zhen, GuangZhou, and Donguan.  Typically when I have the opportunity to travel overseas, I am filled with excitement in getting to see a new culture and experience new things.  Unfortunately, this trip was heavily weighted on the business side of things.  Along with that comes an inevitable moral dilemma that all of us have to eventually confront.

As a consumer, everyone has the ability to vote with each dollar that they spend.  Some of us choose to buy local, organic, all natural, or German engineered.  At the end of the day, most consumers are heavily influenced by price, which is the reason that so many of the products we buy are made in China.  If you’re reading this right now, you’re guilty because the monitor you are reading off of is made there and the mouse you might be using to click to another website is also made in China.

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Taking a Journey to the Boombotix Birthplace

Shen Zhen

In case you didn’t know, Boombotix speakers are made in China.  Shen Zhen to be exact. Shen Zhen is considered to be a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) known for being one of the major manufacturing powerhouses of the world.  Some of the top consumer electronics companies source their products from Shen Zhen including Apple, Monster Cable, and Skullcandy.  On our trip, we are going to be visiting the factories in Shen Zhen and GuangZhou.  Some of the areas outside of the cities are industrial villages where you can get everything done from injection molding, PCBA fabrication, screen printing, packaging, and just about anything you can imagine.

On our trip, we really want to document the entire experience as best possible so that we can bring forth the realities of globalization and outsourcing.  Our trip to China will begin on March 27th.  We purchased one way tickets to ensure that we can capture as much as needed to get the truth out there.   Continue reading