101 List of Simple Items that Enhance Your Life

1. Playing cards for the lull moments. You can always occupy a group of people or just yourself with a pack of cards.

2. Pad of paper & pen for things that you know you’ll forget. For a cute girl’s number if your phone is dead, for the name of a song that you want to download, or just to doodle.

3. A plant in the space you spend the largest amount of your time. Whether it’s your office, your bedroom, or your bathroom, a little greenery can only make you happier.

4. A beanie for the unexpected chilly nights.

5. Disposable camera to capture the random moments you want to remember. Or to capture the license plate of the guy that ran over your bike.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

6. An ultraportable speaker to add life to a social situation. Everybody likes music.

7. A comfortable mattress because a good nights sleep can make all the difference.

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US Olympian Comes Up Just Short in Beer Mile Record Attempt

American runner Nick Symmonds trains hard, misses mark by a few seconds

Nick Symmonds during beer mile
Big picture – going from fifth place to second place ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

Breaking it down contextually, well, is a whole other thing.

Meet Nick Symmonds.

Nick Symmonds at Olympics

Prior to last week, he was semi-famous for two reasons:
• He represented the US as a runner in the 800 meter race at this summer’s London Olympic games, where he finished in fifth place
• He once went out on a date with Paris Hilton, where he brought her a gift bag that included, among other items, a pink watch, pink towel, and pink bubble bath (should’ve gone with a portable speaker instead my man – ‘dem chicks dig ‘em)

This latest story involving Symmonds is one he can be most proud of though – following his less-than-stellar performance in London, rather than mope around, he went right into training camp, preparing his body and mind for an attempt to break the world record time in the “beer mile” – a mile-long race that requires the runner stop every quarter-mile and chug a beer.

Nick Symmonds training for beer mile

Long story short, Symmonds finished the race in 5:19, just a few seconds short of the world-record mark of 5:09 set by Canadian marathoner Jim Finlayson (damn ‘Nucks!)

All things considered, though, finishing all that beer PLUS a full mile in that little time is an accomplishment in and of itself. I know that I, personally, can barely coordinate myself with a beer in one hand while playing a game of Kan Jam.

So, kudos to you, Mr. Symmonds – kudos to you.

As for video of the race, for whatever reason TMZ’s cameras were on seen at the track during the “event” (I smell publicity stunt). Check out a consolidated 3-minute clip of the whole thing after the jump.

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