Artist Hightlight: Michael Sato

MichaelSato Several months ago I met Michael Sato randomly on our company’s LiveChat. When I work late at night, I would go on LiveChat just because I enjoyed speaking directly to customers. Michael was talking about using our speakers while he was doing photo shoots. He really likes listening to music while making his art, but he couldn’t wear headphones while he was working with models and athletes. He often shoots action sports photography, so he needed a versatile speaker. The fact that Boombots clipped on made it the perfect companion to take on shoots.

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Optrix Fisheye Lens for iPhone Review

shoots everything you could dream from an iphone

Optrix Fisheye Case modified
 Today was also our first day out with the Optrix iPhone case.  This case fits a fisheye lens to your iPhone.  On Instagram photos and video, the field view is PERFECT although on the normal camera mode, you start picking up the edge of the lens.  Could just be a mechanical tweak made for a bigger lens with the same radius/magnification.  As the smartphone cameras continue to improve, one must wonder if these kind of adaptations could replace the GoPro.  One thing is for sure, the speakers on iPhone’s always suck, and the microphones have a lot of room for improvement too.  Which devices will consolidate into the smartphone?  All that is left is the video camera and car keys.

We took ours and cut out the screen in front and shaved a hole in the bottom to charge.  It kills the waterproofing but makes it so that the piece is more of a day-to-day piece.  We used an exacto knife to remove the screen on the front so that we could get better touch input.  Then we used a Dremel tool to cut a hole in the bottom to allow the charging connector to move through and allow the on-board speakers to be exposed. Might also be good to look at a product like the Olloclip, but then you have to remove the case.  Anyone know an iPhone fisheye that is built into a case (non-waterproof?)

here are some photos we took with it today

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Come one, come all!

River floats, hikes, camping, barbecues, road trips…. my oh my the summer still has so much adventure left! Your favorite ultra portable speaker friends want to hook you up with some free stuff to ensure your summer adventures aren’t void of a soundtrack. If you already know about Instagram, then you already know how rad it is. For those who aren’t familiar with the photo sharing app, the Instagram app (for Android) and iOS allows you to edit your pictures straight from your mobile device. Swagonomics allows you to earn prizes by capturing and sharing your photos with your Boombot using the #BOOMBOTIX hashtag.

Here’s the deal: Take a picture expressing your love of action, adventure, or your Boombot for the next 15 days. Boombotix is all about life in motion, and we want to see your summer’s inspirations. The key is to capture your lifestyle. Everytime you hash tag #BOOMBOTIX on Instagram, you get points.  When anyone likes or comments on your awesome photo, you also get points.

To celebrate the launch of Swagonomics, Boombotix is laying down some cash-money and deep swag.  The H#SHT#G EVERYTHING Photo Contest awards the first place winner with over $450 worth of cash + prizes. To sign up, sign up for Swagonomics,  using your existing Instagram account.

To summarize: take photos, win swag.


Josh Farria is a talented urban photographer from New Orleans, but San Francisco is his new home. He moved to the city in 2005. He started taking photographs and working for Freedminds. He mainly shoots models and represents lifestyle and beauty of women.

If you have never seen Josh’s works, next friday (August 26) will be the time. Infinite (located: 627 Post St., San Francisco) presents Craftsmanship, Josh Farria’s photography show. Come to check out his first solo show.