Squashing the Bugs Out of SYNC


This past week we have been busy stomping out a number of bugs within the Boombotix SYNC app. With the project now at 80% funding, we’re all feeling pretty good about the progress. Several backers have been asking about limited edition Boombots as backer rewards. I wanted to just clarify that as a backer, you can pick from any style within a specific model you’d like (ex. You backed for $100 Boombot REX, you can order a Woodgrain edition Boombot).

I wanted to share our workflow with you all so that those of you interested in developing apps could use similar tools to ensure that you can build the best app possible. If you are not a developer, then this is likely the side of the project that is going to be most important to managing your product. Using a project management web app will be your best methodology for communicating with your development team.

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