3D printer pen lets users create objects just by drawing them

New device eliminates need for bulky printers


Wow — I haven’t seen a Kickstarter campaign off take off like this since, well, we put our newest portable speaker on the site a few months ago.

The device below is called the 3Doodler and it was created by WobbleWorks. Basically, it’s a pen that allows users to create objects simply by drawing them, whether it’s on paper on in the air.

That’s right – it’s the world’s first 3D printing pen.

3Doodler pen

What’s great about the 3Doodler is the fact that it does away with the need for a bulky printer. It uses ABS plastic to build the object and it draws in the air or on most surfaces. The device simply extrudes heated plastic which quickly cools and solidifies into a stable object.

3Doodler objects

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any computers / software / additional hardware. The user just plugs it in and the pen’s ready to start drawing. It can be drawn in the air or on flat forms and peeled off paper in separate parts to later be joined together.

3Doodler on paper

A 3Doodler stencil kit will be made available online to help first time users with getting started out and familiar with using the pen.

The original goal for 3Doodler on Kickstarter was $30,000. Today — February 21st, it’s already surpassed that goal (with 31 days left).

By a lot.

In fact, it’s already achieved $1.38 million.

Cool stuff. Check out the group’s campaign video below: