Bluetooth Stereo Pairing Network

Creating an audio network for a short range use case

Boombotix is working a new firmware that allows two speakers to be networked via Bluetooth for true stereo sound playback.  The speakers can be used in this loft scenario to have synchronized music in the top and bottom floor of a studio loft.  They also use the Boombot2 wireless speaker to be tethered to the home stereo system for amplified sound.  If you’re looking for portable speaker tech, look no further.

In principal, what the speakers are doing with the audio source goes as follows; One bluetooth speaker pairs to an audio source (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.)  The source must be a bluetooth source.  The audio data is sent to the speaker where it is re-encoded as a stereo audio signal.  The first speaker will play the right channel while sending the audio data for the left channel to a second speaker.  This works without any latency so the speakers are able to maintain synchronized playback wirelessly while also offering true stereo.

This feature is not currently incorporated into our devices, but it is something we are developing for future models.  We are addressing the firmware design to make this pairing process seamless and ultimately allow users to transport full wireless stereo configurations wherever they choose.  If you have any questions about this technology or you may be interested in getting involved, just let us know.


2012 Summer Outdoor Retailer Recap

Salt Lake City

This past week our team headed out to Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in lovely Salt Lake City #WEOUTHERE.  The show had exhibitors varying from stand up paddleboards to illuminating night kayaks.  With just about every major brand in the outdoor retail industry, this is not one show to miss; Even if your van breaks down in the middle of a prison area on the salt flats.  Yes, that happened and we towed our van two-hundred miles to get to the show and make it just in time for set up.  Salt Lake City is nestled in the heart of the Wasatch mountain range, which makes it one of the best venues for this type of show.

Standup Paddle board

One of the things we were really on the lookout for was outdoor gadgetry.  Other portable speaker companies at the show included Outdoor Technologies and Eton.  Eton was showcasing wind up radios and solar powered boomboxes.  Outdoor Technologies had a Bluetooth speaker that resembled a hard-edged turtle shell.  We nearly had to twist their arm to get a demo of their speaker.  They claimed that they didn’t have charged units working at their booth (which is quite silly if you are showing a product at a major tradeshow).   While it delivered reasonably good sound output, we were surprised to find their design was a little bit cumbersome.  It was more poised to compete against products like the Jawbone Jambox rather than our portable speakers.

On Friday night, energy was high and our team was amped up about how the show was going.  We headed to Club Elevate for an industry party hosted by Teva.  Apparently Teva is venturing into ultra lightweight running/walking shoes.  Between taking shots of tequila and playing buffalo with liter glasses of beer, we popped Voke tabs to keep a wide-eyed buzz till as late as Utah clubs open (1AM no joke last call).  Despite Utah being known for being a dry state, there was certainly no shortage of alcoholic beverages consumed on this trip.

Hoola hooping

On Saturday night, we headed to a taco stand where they were dishing out two tacos for $1.50 and $3 for a burrito.  Do the math, but one must wonder what goes in these tacos to have any kind of margin.  Low and behold, the entire crew has been farting profusely for the last 24 hours and we literally destroyed the port-o-potty at the convention.  True story.  In any case, they tasted good while they were going down and we made some friends with some local fixed gear riders that were enroute to one of the big premiers.  This eventually inspired us to go ride around Salt Lake till 1AM and get soft serve ice cream.

roach coach

One of the lines we were particularly impressed with was Sombrio Cartel’s collection of urban and downhill bike riding gear.  They have this varsity jacket made with high tech lightweight materials.   #SWAG.  We’ll be teaming with them on their upcoming tour providing them some pro-audio to keep their party on wheels going hard.  You can really see the attention to detail in their specialized garments, and we’re going to be amped to clip some speakers onto their gear in upcoming months.

This was the first show that we showcased a very-close-to-production prototype of the REX speaker.  The feedback was really encouraging.  The addition of a passive bass radiator adds a subtle improvement in the dynamic frequency range of the sound output.  What really got people juiced about it was the feeling when they picked it up.  Not only is the REX pretty lightweight, but you can really feel the bass.  It’s like holding a live beating heart straight out of Indiana Jones.  Now we know we have to mob eleven hours back to the studio and put the finishing touches on this guy to get ready for a Q4 launch.  Lets just hope that the van doesn’t break down on the way home too. San Fran or Bust.

Anyhow, we had a great time and we are most certainly going to be back for another show next year.  You can check our album out on Facebook and hopefully we’ll see our friends at some of our upcoming shows for Surf Expo and Interbike.

Outdoor retailer

Music Bullet vs. Boombotix Boombot2

Music Bullet speakerWhen comparing and contrasting a Red Delicious to say, a Florida Naval, we’re likely to turn up empty on all comparisons other than one; they are both fruit. The same can be said about comparing the As Seen on TV gimmick product ‘Music Bullet’ and the BoomBotix Boombot1 or Boombotix Boombot2.  They both amplify sound. The rest? Apples. Oranges.

With the big promises we know and love about infomercials, it appears the Magic Bullet has overpromised its customers according to reviews.

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Capturing Portable Audio’s Impact on Urban Culture

Our team recently took a trip to CES and we wanted to really capture the dynamics of San Francisco’s urban culture and share it with the world.  In the video shown below, we romped around with our portable speakers just to demonstrate all of the different places that we could have fun with a little mobile audio device. With all the noise in the city, we figure that you either have to hear it all or be HEARD.  We choose the latter.

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The BB2 Speaker Pre-Orders go LIVE!


Secure your destiny with wireless audio freedom. BoomBotix is proud to announce the official release date of the BB2. The BB2 packs the same boom in the shape of the BB1, but with more bells and whistles to bring your music listening to the next level!


BoomBotix CEO commented on the release of the BB2, “The BB2 is really a breakthrough for our company.  It makes a statement in showing our fans that this device is really a platform technology.  Once you start using the BB2, you start realizing the gains in versatility instantly.  Projects like the bike mount we’re working on are a good example of what can be done.”


The BB2 will only be released in a Gunmetal Grey colorway, with planned limited colorways dropping in the future. The MSRP is $64.99 and will be released officially on June 24th. Pre-Order BB2 HERE.