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Fatherly Advice

Take a walk down memory lane.  You could catalogue all of the times your dad gave you advice.  You could also catalogue all of the times he gave you advice and you didn’t listen.  For me the latter was the most prominent, as I always knew what was best.  I even knew the best way to do things; better than my dad.  Which is why I want to pay homage to Dad with these three tidbits of fatherly advice I should have listened to.  Oh man….hindsight really is 20/20.

1.  Credit Cards:  Your right, Dad.  You do have to pay them back.

2.  Cars:  Regular oil changes….who knew?

3.  Work:  Hard work pays off. It’s hard not to ignore this mowing the lawn or doing chores.


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You’ve grown up a bunch and now you probably like the same music.  It’s weird how that happens!  So the next time you’re sharing a brewski with Pop’s you will be serenaded by the sweet sounds he’s most accustomed to.Thank God for Polaroids, am I right?


Our memories sometimes fail and luckily technology is there to help us regale in the most incriminating photos.  For Dad, there is no such thing as “too ridiculous” or “over-the-top”, that’s why we’re asking our friends on the intertubular webs to show off their goofiest photos of Dad on Instagram!

That said, you send us the goods, we’ll deliver the goods.  Check the prizes and contest info below!


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Durable Bluetooth Speaker Comparison: Philips Shoqbox SB7210 vs Boombot REX

Comparison between two of the more popular portable Bluetooth speakers

Rex v Shoqbox screenshot

Not a lot of portable speakers on the market today can lay claim to having the same — or even close to
— level of durability of our Boombot REX. One speaker does come close, though — Philips’ Shoqbox.

As such, this warrants a showdown comparison of the two durable portable speakers.

Both are shock and splash proof, can survive a drop, and even take the occasional whack.

Water resistant portable speaker

But when we took a closer look at them, well, that’s when it becomes pretty obvious as to which is the better Bluetooth speaker (spoiler alert: it’s not even close).

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Sound bottle captures everyday noise and remixes them into songs

Simple concept allows users to hear the soundtrack of their everyday lives

The Re: Sound Bottle

Now here’s a novel concept: Tokyo-based design student Jun Fujiwara came up with a project called the “Re: Sound Bottle” which captures everyday noises and remixes them into a different song every time the bottle is opened.

Person using Re: Sound Bottle

The way it works is relatively simple. As you can see, the bottle itself features an opaque design. This covers the recording device within the bottle itself. Every time the bottle is uncorked, the recording device is turned “on”, and when it gets re-corked it’s officially “off.”

Recording device for sound bottle

When the bottle is uncorked and recording, flashing lights go off to indicate that the device is in sound-capturing mode. It can record a bevy of sounds, allowing users to either speak directly into the bottle or otherwise uncork it in the middle of a quiet park to capture the sounds of nature.

Like, I said—it’s not very complicated. The real magic happens once the sounds have been recorded. You see, it’s at that point that the device takes the sounds and remixes them into various new sounds. Shaking the bottle or re-corking it pauses and changes the song, kind of along the lines of a user skipping tracks on a digital music player.

Sound bottle being re-corked

What makes audio enthusiasts like you and me want this device even more is the fact that it’s a one-off design. He created it for a school project with the goal of getting everyone who uses it to not just passively listen to the sounds around them, but instead actively listen to their surrounding environment.

Sound bottle eiwth cat

“I felt something missing in the habitual use of music reproduction media, so I thought to create an interactive music medium that changes,” he writes on his Vimeo page. “By using everyday voices as sources of music, the sounds that are heard all the time every day carry infinite possibilities and help us reaffirm the enjoyment of music. I hope people can experience their own music.”

Check out the Re: Sound Bottle in action below:

Turn your old sneakers into beat bumping, street thumping kicks

Wireless speakers that you can wear over your sneakers

Sneaker speakers

Speakers that you can wear over your sneakers. What a novel concept. Heck—it even rhymes! Sneaker Speakers!

New York design studio Ray Kingston Inc. came up with the idea of wearing a wireless speaker over one’s sneakers. The device maintains its charge via battery power and is held in place with straps that can be moved around the wearer’s ankles to sit in different positions and conform with the shoe itself.

Sneaker speaker design

Sneaker speaker sketch design

As for playing music, the speakers get paired with electronic devices like mobile phones, iPads, and anything else capable of using Bluetooth technology. If, however, you’re still rocking the original iPod, fret not my stone-age techie: the speakers also come with an AC input so that it can connect with a stereo jack.

Sneaker speaker by Kingston Inc.

What makes the Sneaker Speaker even more impressive is the fact that it’s the first product to come out of Kingston studio. Talk about starting off on the right foot! (I had to say it and no, I’m not sorry).

“These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes,” said Kingston. “[They are] a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music.”

We’re certainly believers — after all, wearing a portable speaker is one of the great selling points for our full family of products, so I mean, how could we not support them?

Keep up the great work Kingston!

Coats with speakers in them let everyone in the room know that you’ve arrived — in style

Designer comes up with unique speaker / clothing combination to make head turns

This is what happens when you take someone interested in fashion and send them to tech school. Meet Tesia Kosmalski — she’s the outside-the-box thinker here who come with a concept of wearing speakers in one’s coat for what she’s calling the “Echo Coats” series.

Echo Coats

Basically, the coats are meant for a woman (or man, if he is so inclined) to playfully announce their arrival in a public space. There are two variations: First is the “Adante Coat” which, as Kosmalski describes it, “teases the world around its wearer by uttering sensual cosmetic titles, originally meant to tempt her own purchasing power.” Interesting description — not sure what it means, but interesting nonetheless.

Adante Coat

The second variation is called the “Staccato coat” and it releases machine sounds from the shoulders to urge people near the walking speaker / woman to get out of her way.

Staccato Coat

Now, while the concept is certainly out there, its execution is actually pretty impressive. Technology involved includes mini-speakers — sadly, none of our good looking, ultra portable, super lightweight portable speakers were considered for this project — as well as headset microphones and iPods.

The MP3 players run a program called RjDj, a reactive music app that combines live environmental sound through headset microphone and sound programming within the iPod itself. The coats, in turn, use these mikes as touch sensors and sound detectors to influence the audio playback.

The mini-speakers, meanwhile, are hooked up to the MP3 player and embedded on the outside of the coats to turn any nicely dressed person into a walking sound circus.

It’s no doubt a notable feat, but when you consider that there’s a full line of quality designed portable speakers that you can wear ALREADY available on the market, this all seems a bit trite, no?

Disagree? Enjoy this very artsy video Kosmalski put together on the fashion below: