Specially designed glasses cure tiredness, increase energy

Combination of ergonomic design, soft light help user feel more awake

A group of scientists have created a pair of glasses that have the same effect as downing cans of Red Bull, just without all the after-burping.

Re-timer glasses

The glasses are called “Re-Timer” and basically they’re a wearable device that resets the body’s internal clock by emitting a super-soft green light on the eyes.

Soft glow from re-timer glasses

They were created by sleep psychologists at Finders University (Australia) and they’re not to be second-guessed, as the glasses themselves are based on 25 years or research. They’ve proven to cure everything, from reducing jet lag and increasing energy to overcoming sleeplessness and helping workers manage fatigue during overnight shifts.

Now, granted, the Re-Timer glasses do look a bit silly to wear, but the good news is that one needn’t wear them all the time. Professor Leon Lack, the chief inventor on this project, recommends that the glasses be worn 50 minutes a day for three days in a row to either advance the body clock, or at night to delay it.

Working while wearing Re-Timer glasses

He explains the purpose of the glasses a bit more in detail on his website:

Body clocks or circadian rhythms influence the timing of all our sleeping and waking patterns, alertness, performance levels and metabolism. Photoreceptors in our eyes detect sunlight, signal our brain to be awake and alert, and set our rhythms accordingly. These rhythms vary regularly over a 24-hour cycle.

However, this process is often impaired by staying indoors, traveling to other times zones, working irregular hours, or a lack of sunlight during winter months.

The Re-Timer glasses are lightweight and fit well to the face. They include a rechargeable battery in the frame of the glasses themselves and a USB cable is used for charging.

Inside of Re-Timer glasses

Here’s a promo video detailing the Re-Timer glasses:

Now, while these things definitely reap of wow-factorability, its awesomeness is reflected in its price: website Gizmag reports that the Re-Timer glasses cost $258.

Ouch. Till Wal-Mart starts selling these things at a reasonable price, I think I’ll stick to my Red Bull and blasting Foo Figthers over my super loud portable speaker to get me through the day thank you very much.

White Noise App + Boombot = Best Night of Sleep Ever

Relaxing mobile app leads to great night of sleep

If you live below railroad tracks, next to a garbage compact site, or above a bar with a really, really thin ceiling, then this is the app for you. It’s called White Noise Pro and it’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s an iOS music app that plays white noise and 40 different types of ambient noises, including sounds like whispering willows, babbling creeks, farting squirrels, and more.

White Noise Pro app

If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can also create ambient sounds yourself and modify sounds with the mixer, too.

I gave this thing a test run myself last night and while it sounded okay coming out of my iPhone, once I hooked it up to my clearer sounding portable speaker – and this may sound corny, so whatever – but the sound was like I was right there in the woods. It was awesome – best night of sleep in a while.

Funny sleeping man

Besides getting the Boombotix stamp of approval, White Noise Pro has gotten ridonkulous reviews elsewhere, including CNET, PCMag.com, and coverage on MSNBC.

Interested in giving this relaxing mobile app a test run for yourself? Buy it for $1.99 through the iTunes store.

Beats by Dre headphones makes world’s cutest dog look like a complete douchebag

Headphones made popular because of their obnoxious style has claimed another celebrity endorsement

Boo the Dog with Beats by Dre headphones

Dammit. Dammitdammitdammit. Beats by Dre headphones has gone and ruined another good thing.

Boo the Dog, he of world wide web fame and fortune . . .

Boo the Dog

Cute photo of Boo the Dog

. . . has officially thrown his four-paw endorsement behind the obnoxious looking headphones created by Dr. Dre.

Why would Boo do this? Who knows. Why would Beats by Dre do this? Simple—because they’re more annoying with their marketing tactics than having to see Justin Bieber stand around in his skinny jeans popping his hoodie.

Picture of Justin Bieber with hoodie

^And you thought I was just being facetious.^

Now, while we can all take comfort in the fact that the Beats team didn’t go so far as to actually create headphones to market to our K9 pals out there, they did take the time to create a Boo the Dog play list, which they posted to his Facebook page.

Shame on you gif

Without further ado . . .

morning alarm: abc … jackson 5
afternoon stroll: good day sunshine … the beatles
naptime: dream … priscilla ahn
serenade for buddy: the way i am … ingrid michaelson
serenade for human: “c” is for cookie … cookie monster

After reading this story, do yourself a favor — go find your Boombotix portable speaker, and give it a great, big hug and thank it for not being so lame.

Water resistant portable speaker guide

our guide of speakers that can get wet and nasty

In the world of water resistant portable speakers there are a TON of shapes, sizes and price ranges to pick from, but very few are actually water resistant.  We wanted to do a little more research on the portable speaker space so you don’t have to.  If you are adventurous and demand a little more than stationary docking from your sound system, check this guide of systems that fit the bill for handling the elements.

What does IP stand for?

IP stand for ingress protection rating.  Speaker that are truly water resistant should have an IP rating. There are usually two digits that come along with an IP rating (IP-XX).  The first digit corresponds to the water resistance and the second digit corresponds to the resilience to dust.  Devices that reach IP-6X can be submersed and ones that are IP-5X can be exposes to a fair amount of moisture, rain, or snow.  Tests are administered by 3rd party labs and they involve spraying specific amounts of water using jets.  Each housing is inspected at the end of the tests to determine if leakage occurred.

Typically the sound systems we evaluated range from $30-150 priced in such a way that you don’t have to feel the pain of the casual drop and bump.  Some manufacturer’s have varying warranty lengths from Boombotix’s NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY program to the buy at your own risk gamble.

Water resistant portable speaker

The Boombots are derived from urban vinyl toy design fused with ruggedized industrial design. They give you an audio adventure wherever life takes you.  IP53 with a NO MATTER WHAT one year warranty.  Get saucy.

Outdoor Technologies weather resistant speaker

These speakers can take a good beating, but for the size, we’re not too impressed with the sound output. It’s bout 30% bigger than a Jawbone Jambox, but puts out about 30% less volume. How is that possible? It is a burly package nonetheless.

waterproof portable speaker

The Grace ECO Extreme houses your smartphone inside it while playing from a 3W speaker. With AA batteries, the unit comes in a bit on the heavy side and you’ll be pumping $5 of alkaline into here every 30 hours. IP6X


rex water resistant speaker

The REX is one of the newest developments in Boombotix labs. REX is scheduled to ship in Q1 of 2013 with a noise-canceling microphone and Siri integration.  IP5X

waterproof portable speaker

Perhaps a little bit on the large side to take on a hike, these EcoXGear waterproof speakers can take quite a bit of moisture. A good speaker solution for those just looking to stay posted.

water resistant portable speaker

This Philips Shoqbox for sure looks like it can take a beating with it’s ruggedized super industrial design. This resembles a very common architecture like the Jawbone Jambox, but with that next layer of weatherproofing. At $155, it also beats out the Jambox in price.

water resistant speaker

This play off the Jammy Pack is yet another heinous way to wear a speaker. That thing is huge. Please tell me that nobody ACTUALLY does this. This unit also takes AA batteries so we would NOT recommend.

Dude figures out way to use LEGOs to play the drums

Drum sequencer made of popular building blocks

If you were born in the last 50 years, then you definitely know of the awesomeness associated with LEGO building blocks.

LEGOs blocks

One thing that they’re not often considered for is musical instruments, though Mark Crosbie may have opened up a whole new door with the “SoundMachine”: a drum sequencer that creates music using different colored LEGO blocks.

LEGOs sensor plays drums

The way it works is pretty straightforward: a SoundMachine scanner scans the music from a LEGO plate and transmits it to the computer via USB. The scanner is mounted above a plate made up of regular blue 32 x 32 LEGO base plates and features musical “notes” made up of LEGO 2 x 2 bricks.

LEGOs drums

Each scanner has in it a LEGO Mindstorms NXT that drives a NXT motor to move a plate under an array of 4 LEGO NXT 2.0 color sensors. As the plate moves, the color of the bricks is read, which then gets converted to MIZDI note messages by a controller written in Processing. That then gets sent to Ableton Live to play the sounds.

LEGO NXT color sensors

A standard LEGO color sensor detects 6 basic colors, leaving red, yellow, and green to encode the notes which, by the way, are arranged in 4 parallel tracks aligned with the color sensors. The white tiles are used to separate the notes and the sensors use a black reading to detect the start and end of the plate.

Since we make the world’s best portable speakers, we have a special place in our hearts for crazy scientists like Crosbie who think outside the box and figure out new ways to merge music and technology.

Here’s a video of his new music toy in action: