Cosplay Makes Every Day Like Halloween

Step Into A World of Wonder and Painstaking Attention to Detail

Halloween is not so far off. You can feel it in the air. The decorations are going up. Seasonal pumpkin flavors have invaded nearly all your favorite refreshments. There is nothing quite like it, dressing up as your favorite character and acting out for your friends. If only it happened more than once a year!

Well guess what? Now thanks to a sweeping new trend you don’t need an excuse to play make believe. Short for Costume Play, Cosplay is is a type of performance art that you participate in by dressing up as a specific character or even an idea.

It differs from Halloween, or even Mardi Gras, in that the celebration centers completely around the adoration and fetishization of a particular character, rather than using a holiday as the theme.

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Sexy Skywalker Catipults New Fad Into International Spotlight

World Class Cleavage Shines New Light on Growing Teen Trend

Strange and dangerous teenage fads are nothing new. A cursory look back at history shows them in every era, with each new generation trying their hand at raising the bar in their own way. Some kids dodge trains, or climb up under them on bridges and wait for them to rush by. Some kids lie down in traffic or drive with their lights off. Some kids pour vodka into their eyes, or soak it into tampons and insert it where the sun don’t shine. Some kids smoke Smarties, drink hand sanitizer, car surf, and ghost ride the whip. Some kids plank. Some kids flat line. Some kids SWAT. Some kids are into bath salts and spice and Salvia and HFS and other lame forms of getting high. Some kids kick each other in the crotch for self expression. Some bite. Some get into kinky sex games like rainbow parties. Some kids take the easy way out and just troll. The smart set use Google Earth to crash their neighbors pools. I like those kids.

So what’s the hot new trend in Russia? It’s called Skywalking.

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