Water bottle provides drinkable sea water

Nifty device provides easy hydration

If you own one of our Bluetooth, portable speakers, or have otherwise read a description about them, then you know that we encourage you to take them everywhere. Biking, hiking, beaching, wherever you go, our speakers make awesome companions.

The problem with all of these activities is that, more often than not, they require being outdoors for an extended period of time, which means you need to find a way to stay hydrated for a few hours.

Now, you could go the water bottle route, but depending upon how long you’re going to be out, this could actually be a bit inconvenient, what with the added weight and the fact that you’re carrying around empty bottles around with you for some of the day.

Another alternative is this nifty little device I came across on the interwebs called the Puri – a bottle that lets you drink water directly from the sea.

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