The Company Car – Subaru WRX


A couple months ago I started on a project to give a facelift to my WRX. Needless to say, the project went through some interesting twists and turns, but I think I’m now “done” with this car… for now. I have about 50k miles on this 2009 WRX. It’s been an awesome car with very little maintenance needed. The goal in my project was to build a daily driver street car that was also suitable enough for lightweight rally driving off road. I figured it would be good to take some pictures of the car in its most pristine form because one you go into rally mode, things could get ugly real quick.

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Boombotix WRX Rally Car in the Works

Reviving a subaru in a mid-life crisis

WRX rally car

I wanted to show my WRX that there was life after 50,000 miles. This was just the start of a long term relationship.

I own a black 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. I call him Max.  Right now he’s pretty murdered out and he has been an amazing vehicle.  We go biking, skiing, to the beach, and even through parts of San Francisco’s treacherous urban slopestyle.  He has been a pleasure to drive with a turbocharged motor, fun suspension, and a tight 5-speed transmission.  Max currently has 50,000 well earned hard driven miles on him and he’s in what we call a mid-life crisis.  Every car has one.  Especially one with a high compression engine driven by me.

I decided that it wouldn’t be right to let Max begin an imminent long slow death.  I owed it to him for all the good times we’ve had.  Subaru cars often last well into the six-figure club on mileage.  We had some friends at Maita Subaru in Sacramento who were down for reviving Max.  The shop actually sold Boombot speakers to their customers in the parts department.  Apparently Subaru customers like to get out in the wild with music…. so go figure?

And thus the project begun.  I started networking with other groups that wanted to get involved in the project.  With a couple simple performance modifications and some media around the it, we could make a car worthy of SHREDDING up some proper rally driving.  We wanted to go for practicality with a thorough dose of exhilaration.  I’ve set my goal of getting Max (the car) up to 320 hp.  I’d be doing this through a combination of fuel mapping, bolt-ons, and a little secret sauce.  I’ll get him some new rubbers for protection (wink wink).  How about we drop some pounds too?

Design Template Subaru WRX 2009-12

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