Fixed Gear Bikes Go HOOD with BlocBoi Fame – Disrespectful

Right when you thought Scraper Bikes was one of the most hood bike videos, along comes BlocBoi at full speed with no shirt and no gears. What does this mean for fixed gear biking? Well a lot has changed since the tight pant wearing hipsters of yesteryear were the only ones on these bikes.  One thing stays consistent; Tattoos are extremely cool, and the more you have the cooler you are.  FACT.   What would make this guy ever so slightly cooler is if he was slappin’ a Boombot like a real O.G.

what is a fixed gear bike?

The biggest characteristic of a fixed gear is that the rear gear (cog) is locked on the hub.  This means you can’t be lazy and coast.  You must keep pedaling with the speed of the bike.  Often times fixed gear bikes are preferred for urban commuting because there are minimal parts, low maintenance, and overall sexy looks.  Some riders that don’t use brakes on the bike rely on locking the rear wheel up to stop.  This involves being comfortable leaning over your bars and putting most of the weight on the front tire.  We recommend wearing a grill when doing this.  It’s cool.

Riff Raff – Jose Canseco Video

White people are taking over hip-hop with one thug artist at a time.  First you got Kreayshawn bringing her swag to the table, and then comes along Riff Raff.  With his assortment of facial hair grooming and a proper ass grill, Riff Raff has solidified his name amongst the hottest in hip-hop.

The Jose Canseco video stays true with its low budget appeal.  You can literally go from the one-minute mark to the three-minute mark and you will probably not notice the difference.   The transitions from scene to scene are stock. You will lose brain cells by watching this video; But do it anyways and thank us later for it.

Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Art Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Nevada’s biggest hip hop and art festival takes place next month

Ah Reno, the biggest little city in the world, it’s famous for its casinos, prostitution and now . . . hip hop? That’s right – hip mother f’ing hop. In a town that’s always been a bit more country, hip hop has begun to establish its roots thanks to the ridiculous awesomeness of the Speak Your Mind festival.

Speak Your Mind Festival

Never heard of it? Me either—that is, until Jevelle Wiltz, one of Boombotix’s kick-ass skaters / hip hop music stars, was signed up to star this year.

Jevelle Wiltz

Learn more about Jevelle Wiltz.

Learn more about Speak Your Mind, one of the best FREE underground hip hop festivals this side of the Mississippi, by clicking thru below.

Speak Your Mind

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