Turn your old sneakers into beat bumping, street thumping kicks

Wireless speakers that you can wear over your sneakers

Sneaker speakers

Speakers that you can wear over your sneakers. What a novel concept. Heck—it even rhymes! Sneaker Speakers!

New York design studio Ray Kingston Inc. came up with the idea of wearing a wireless speaker over one’s sneakers. The device maintains its charge via battery power and is held in place with straps that can be moved around the wearer’s ankles to sit in different positions and conform with the shoe itself.

Sneaker speaker design

Sneaker speaker sketch design

As for playing music, the speakers get paired with electronic devices like mobile phones, iPads, and anything else capable of using Bluetooth technology. If, however, you’re still rocking the original iPod, fret not my stone-age techie: the speakers also come with an AC input so that it can connect with a stereo jack.

Sneaker speaker by Kingston Inc.

What makes the Sneaker Speaker even more impressive is the fact that it’s the first product to come out of Kingston studio. Talk about starting off on the right foot! (I had to say it and no, I’m not sorry).

“These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes,” said Kingston. “[They are] a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music.”

We’re certainly believers — after all, wearing a portable speaker is one of the great selling points for our full family of products, so I mean, how could we not support them?

Keep up the great work Kingston!