Man eats another man’s face: Outbreak of fake zombie videos explode online

People pretend to be zombies to freak out friends, neighbors, random teenagers in the park

Angry Picard zombie

What has this world come to? And no, I’m not talking about homeless guys bugging the fuck out, getting naked, and eating people’s faces off. That’s different. The guy took bath salts. It’s explainable.

Bath salts - zombie

No, what I’m getting at are the tons of sick-humored individuals like myself who get a kick out of seeing other people dress up as zombies and chase people across neighborhoods, parks, and beaches.

Why are the actors doing this? Shits. Giggles. Shits and giggles.

Funny zombie

There’s no denying the facts here folks – the videos ARE pretty funny. And while it might be easy to sit here and say that people overreacting to a zombie chasing them seems a bit far-fetched – I mean, there are no such things (right?) – I’ll be the first to admit that if I saw a bloody, hacked up mess stumbling after me, I wouldn’t reach for my phone to call 911 for help.

I’d throw the thing at the monster’s head and get the fuck out of Reno.

I mean, in all honesty, with some of these people’s reactions, I’m surprised none of these imposters have been attacked back yet. Or hit in the head with a shovel. Or shot.

But that’s just my opinion. Check the videos out for yo’self and let me know in the comments below. How would you react to some guy dressed as a zombie chasing after you while you’re out for a run in the park? Would you run faster? Turn around and throw your portable speaker at the guy? Or would you just pull out your Glock .45 and add a new hole to guy’s head?

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We like to party HARD

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