The Boombot REX Launches on Kickstarter

Ultraportable Speaker

THE NEXT EVOLUTION OF BOOMBOTS with a built-in microphone and siri compatibility

First off, we would like to THANK YOU.  Some of you know us all the way from when we were called SkullyBoom and others have just jumped into the mix.  Over the years, your continued support has allowed us to explore new frontiers and we really couldn’t do it without you.  You’ve stuck with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly and we love you for it.

At Boombotix, we are NEVER satisfied with the current model.  We strive to advance our technology and push ourselves to innovate, create, and refine.  We’ve spent the last 15 months working towards a product that is going to have a real impact on the way we share mobile media.  Now that dream is close to a reality.  We’d like to ask you for your support in our most recent project.

Without further adeu, we would now like to present you (drum roll please) the new Boombot REX.
Ultraportable Speaker - Boombot REX Exploded View


A salute to the king of dinosaurs, the REX mimics the thump of the T-Rex’s footsteps as it ruled the land.

With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, the REX allows you to stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

The REX connects to iPods, smartphones, tablets, and laptops using wireless Bluetooth technology. Stream music, change tracks, and answer, end, or deny phone calls on the fly. The REX is built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle so you can bring music to where you enjoy it most.

If you want to be amongst the first to get your hands on the new Boombot REX, you can support our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has become a phenomenal product launch We have reserved an exclusive bracket of 300 pieces of Arctic White Boombot REX speakers. We are going to continue eating Top Ramen and eggs till we can bring the Boombot REX to market.

Test and Measure


Boombotix WRX Rally Car in the Works

Reviving a subaru in a mid-life crisis

WRX rally car

I wanted to show my WRX that there was life after 50,000 miles. This was just the start of a long term relationship.

I own a black 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX. I call him Max.  Right now he’s pretty murdered out and he has been an amazing vehicle.  We go biking, skiing, to the beach, and even through parts of San Francisco’s treacherous urban slopestyle.  He has been a pleasure to drive with a turbocharged motor, fun suspension, and a tight 5-speed transmission.  Max currently has 50,000 well earned hard driven miles on him and he’s in what we call a mid-life crisis.  Every car has one.  Especially one with a high compression engine driven by me.

I decided that it wouldn’t be right to let Max begin an imminent long slow death.  I owed it to him for all the good times we’ve had.  Subaru cars often last well into the six-figure club on mileage.  We had some friends at Maita Subaru in Sacramento who were down for reviving Max.  The shop actually sold Boombot speakers to their customers in the parts department.  Apparently Subaru customers like to get out in the wild with music…. so go figure?

And thus the project begun.  I started networking with other groups that wanted to get involved in the project.  With a couple simple performance modifications and some media around the it, we could make a car worthy of SHREDDING up some proper rally driving.  We wanted to go for practicality with a thorough dose of exhilaration.  I’ve set my goal of getting Max (the car) up to 320 hp.  I’d be doing this through a combination of fuel mapping, bolt-ons, and a little secret sauce.  I’ll get him some new rubbers for protection (wink wink).  How about we drop some pounds too?

Design Template Subaru WRX 2009-12

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Water resistant portable speaker guide

our guide of speakers that can get wet and nasty

In the world of water resistant portable speakers there are a TON of shapes, sizes and price ranges to pick from, but very few are actually water resistant.  We wanted to do a little more research on the portable speaker space so you don’t have to.  If you are adventurous and demand a little more than stationary docking from your sound system, check this guide of systems that fit the bill for handling the elements.

What does IP stand for?

IP stand for ingress protection rating.  Speaker that are truly water resistant should have an IP rating. There are usually two digits that come along with an IP rating (IP-XX).  The first digit corresponds to the water resistance and the second digit corresponds to the resilience to dust.  Devices that reach IP-6X can be submersed and ones that are IP-5X can be exposes to a fair amount of moisture, rain, or snow.  Tests are administered by 3rd party labs and they involve spraying specific amounts of water using jets.  Each housing is inspected at the end of the tests to determine if leakage occurred.

Typically the sound systems we evaluated range from $30-150 priced in such a way that you don’t have to feel the pain of the casual drop and bump.  Some manufacturer’s have varying warranty lengths from Boombotix’s NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY program to the buy at your own risk gamble.

Water resistant portable speaker

The Boombots are derived from urban vinyl toy design fused with ruggedized industrial design. They give you an audio adventure wherever life takes you.  IP53 with a NO MATTER WHAT one year warranty.  Get saucy.

Outdoor Technologies weather resistant speaker

These speakers can take a good beating, but for the size, we’re not too impressed with the sound output. It’s bout 30% bigger than a Jawbone Jambox, but puts out about 30% less volume. How is that possible? It is a burly package nonetheless.

waterproof portable speaker

The Grace ECO Extreme houses your smartphone inside it while playing from a 3W speaker. With AA batteries, the unit comes in a bit on the heavy side and you’ll be pumping $5 of alkaline into here every 30 hours. IP6X


rex water resistant speaker

The REX is one of the newest developments in Boombotix labs. REX is scheduled to ship in Q1 of 2013 with a noise-canceling microphone and Siri integration.  IP5X

waterproof portable speaker

Perhaps a little bit on the large side to take on a hike, these EcoXGear waterproof speakers can take quite a bit of moisture. A good speaker solution for those just looking to stay posted.

water resistant portable speaker

This Philips Shoqbox for sure looks like it can take a beating with it’s ruggedized super industrial design. This resembles a very common architecture like the Jawbone Jambox, but with that next layer of weatherproofing. At $155, it also beats out the Jambox in price.

water resistant speaker

This play off the Jammy Pack is yet another heinous way to wear a speaker. That thing is huge. Please tell me that nobody ACTUALLY does this. This unit also takes AA batteries so we would NOT recommend.

Customizing your Boombotix Speaker

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

custom speaker private labeling services for brands and designers

Boombot speakers are designed to adapt to your lifestyle.  They are the projector of the music that defines your identity.  Boombot speakers are a blank canvas for designers and artists.  Designers and brands can explore a new medium on a device that provides real utility.  This is a product that is taken and seen everywhere. Draw attention to your brand and give the gift of sound. To see a full catalog of products you can customize, visit the Boombotix store and get inspired.

Boombot Design Constraints

Boombot speakers are built with meticulous industrial design characteristics for function and acoustic performance.  Designs should not do anything to interfere with the acoustic performance of the product.  We do not typically change mechanical components on our products unless it is implemented throughout our entire product line.

There are several processes for applying graphics onto Boombot speakers.  We typically use water transfer to apply pattern and texture graphics.  Pad printing is used for stamping graphics on product.  Each method has some restrictions, but the two methods can also be used in combination to offer artists the most graphic freedom.  As a rule of thumb, if you are using a pattern, you should include source art that is at least 1000p x 1000p as vector art.  With pad printing, keep in mind that simplicity is going to be the most feasible and smaller graphics will work easier than larger ones.  Units can also be hand painted, but this increases production costs significantly.

In pad printing, avoid designing around the sharper lines of the product.  Think of pad printing as a stamp that is applied to a surface.  The stamp can bend around some soft contours but cannot form around sharper ones.

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