Free Treasure Island tickets and portable speakers? Say what…

outside lands

Are you too broke to go to Treasure Island?  Many of us didn’t budget for every rageful luxury such as Outside Lands and Burning Man and Treasure Island while being able to eat and pay rent in San Francisco.  Many of us working in a bootstrapped startup (ourselves included) have hoards of energy and creativity, but no time or money to see a lineup including The XX, M83, SBTRKT, AraabMuzik, and Public Enemy.  If you are dying to see this insanely fat lineup and you only have enough dollars to buy Hot Cheetos and Takis then we have just the ticket…literally.

Here’s the deal though; We’re not going to do some lame raffle to get your email address and build a spam list.  We just want to be amused by your desperate attempts to ruthlessly self promote.

To win a ticket, we provide you with the extravagance of choice.

If you own a boombot you can do the following:

  1. Make a video of how you utilize with your ultra portable speaker and upload it onto YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Take an exceptionally artsy Instagram photo with your Boombot in a beautiful landscape, cityscape, wherever. Upload it onto Swagonomics and Facebook and voile! You’ve entered!

For those poor Boombot-less souls, you can enter these ways:

  1. Write a blog post explaining how Treasure Island is screaming your name and why you need a Boombot in your life.
  2. Take a photo of yourself being awesome.
  3. Draw a cartoon or picture related to music and having fun.

We aren’t going to give away a free two-day ticket out of sympathy (we ain’t ballin’), but if you have a legitimately awesome video, photo, blog post or drawing send it to for a chance to win.  Be sure to include “Treasure Island FREE ticket” in your subject header. We’re also giving away a festival survival kit including a free Boombot2, a blanket, beach ball, bubbles, pack of gum, and other necessary items.

How it works: The super qualified judges from Boombotix choose their favorite 5 contestants. Starting October 3 our Facebook fans vote for who they like the most.


Outside Lands Recap

skrillex blows out his subs and rebelution causes clouds

Outside Lands, San Francisco

There is a reason why you put Skrillex last in the line up at Outside Lands.  We aren’t talking about last on Friday or Saturday either…. we mean straight up LAST.  His music literally demolishes speakers and becomes an amps worst nightmare.  The frequencies that he attempts to reverberate are at such subsonic levels that the woofers gasp at the glance of the sinusoidal mayhem.  As we were just getting to the start of his set, we noticed that something didn’t sound quite right.  About 5 minutes into the set, the subs were leaking a sound reminiscent of a hamster filled trunk on an old El Camino without Dynamat.  The Skirllex production team KILLED it with the lighting and visuals.  But what happens when one of the world’s most elite bass/dubstep DJs loses his bass?

I’ll tell you what happens.  The show SUCKS and becomes an incredible disappointment.  Again, praise Jah that we got free tickets.  These are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS but we still have to vent.  For a moment, we were contemplating whether Skrillex would need to rely on Boombotix portable speakers to keep the party alive.  We may need to help build him a new subwoofer.

Our crew had mostly managed to scrap up leftover tickets one way or another, so it really did not matter what happened in there.  The free tickets allowed us to enjoy the $9 beers without guilt.  We took our beers and headed into Bloc Party with a goal to get front row.  Yeah right.  You would need a riot shield and mace to get that far.  28th row front and center would be just fine.  What was up with Bloc Party’s steeze?  I believe they had a naked drummer and Kele was rocking basketball shorts…. interesting.  Suppose it doesn’t matter when you’re a rockstar.  Other notable performances (for us at least) was Rebelution.  We literally saw a cumulo nimbus sized ganja cloud come up from the crowd during their performance and we were smiling ear-to-ear.

The last day at Outside Lands, you really see a lot of stragglers.  For some that allocated an entire weekend to rage their face off, Sunday is when you can’t even drink your way out of a hangover.  You also get your fair amount of people that have rolled their balls off for the entire weekend so that their brain is completely void of any serotonin.  They sit about with empty faces usually chain smoking and avoiding thinking about Monday.

San Francisco Outside Lands is one of the sickest music festivals on the planet.  We are very blessed to have had such fine company in oen of the best venues in the world, Golden Gate Park.  Check out more of our photos at Swagonomics.

What Low End Theory San Francisco is and why it rocks so damn hard

Forward-thinking recurring music series gaining popularity in the Bay Area at break-neck pace

Low End Theory music

Being the makers of the best portable speaker in the industry, we get asked a lot of questions about music, and lately we’ve been getting a number about San Francisco’s Low End Theory music series:

What is Low End Theory?

When is Low End Theory?

Where is Low End Theory?

So to appease all you Low End Theory curiosios out there, here’s a quick summary on everything you need to know about it, and why it rocks the nuts off San Francisco.

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Opiuo, Eligh feat. DNAEBeats at 1015 Folsom, Friday May 25

If you guys haven’t checked out 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, I highly recommend it. This ballin’ venue hosts some of the coolest shows I’ve been to in the city. It’s a sick two-story venue, and they often have several musicians playing at once.

On Friday, May 25 2012, 1015 Folsom presents RE: CREATION with Opiuo (Live), Eligh (of Living Lengends) feat. DNAEBeats, ONRA (Live MPC set), Knight Riderz, Sun:Monx, and more!

Tickets & More Info Available Here

Opiuo Facebook
Opiuo Soundcloud

Eligh Facebook
Eligh Soundcloud

1015 Folsom

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March MADNESS Adult Scavenger Hunt Brought to you by Clash San Francisco

When was the last time you went on a scavenger hunt? For me, it was probably sometime in middle school and as I recall it f*ckin’ RULED. But now that I’m all “grown up” and out of college I thought, “well shoot those good old days are over, *tear drop*”…Oh how wrong I was! Just the other week, I got in contact with a pretty awesome dude — well Captain, to be specific — who told me about this wonderful group he works for: Clash Scavenger Hunts.

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