Boombotix Alley Cow Race Recap

No better way to get to the 10th Annual SF Bike Expo than an alleycat race. This last Saturday was no exception- as the weather was prime, the pavement was hot, and the riders were fueled with beverages ready to propel them. Kicking things off at the Boombotix HQ with iced coffee and breakfast bites, riders lined up at the iconic ledge starting around 11am. For some, it was their first race, for others, this was standard business. Regardless, the route over the hill to the cow palace led to some interesting route choices and lines, and ultimately, a winner who outfoxed them all. See photos:

Riders lining up at the HQ:
Pre Race

5 minute countdown:

The manifest (which went up like wildfire at the start)

And they’re off

After the dust settled– Gino G from TCB came in first. By a long shot.

Our second place finisher. Must have had some metal in his head, because he crushed it.

Third place finisher, Kell WOB

First prize, a DESTROY bikes CUSTOM track frame for Gino, plus the Boombot REX and the new handlebar mount.

Second prize, the Sriracha RED Boombot2. Hotsauce!

Third place finisher with a very DIY White Boombot1.

4th place finisher Angel who came in fourth in his first alleycat. Well done enough for a Boombot1.

DFL Award to the man who claimed he would, yet didnt, he just had the courage to stick around long enough.

Big ups to everyone who came out, our checkpoint checkers, and the SF Bike Expo, Destroy Bikes, and RIDE SFO for participating in the event. Hope everyone had a great time, the winning route is linked below:

Justing Wyper Dirt Jumps with Boombot2 Wireless Speaker

imagine trail riding with this bike speaker and doing this

Justin Wyper is one of the premier leaders of the dirt jumping scene.  Last year at the AT Showdown held during the SF Bike Expo, we set Justin up with our Boombot2 wireless speaker for a couple runs on the course.  A lot of the riders were talking about how cool it was to use a speaker like this for trail riding and building.  Having a portable speaker that lets you get hear a lot of the things while riding are important.  A lot of times we gauge surface texture.  We listen to our cogs, our chain and our derailleur to understand our bikes.  The new bike handlebar mount should really free up riders to explore using our product in these more demanding situations and we’re excited to see it.  Big thanks to Justin for helping us get this footage on the GoPro.