5 Great NYE Resolutions brought to you by Mission Bicycle Co.

We’d like to thank our friends over at Mission Bicycle Co. for putting this highly practical list of things that you can do to improve your quality of life.  They’re pretty darn honest about it too.  They realize that we’re all going to have our vices, but a simple things like riding your bike can go a long way to putting a smile on your face.

So please, don’t lose a pound, don’t quit smoking and whatever you do, don’t even think about taking a trip. Instead, channel all that energy into your beautiful bike. Here are our top five suggestions.

1. Ride with friends and strangers: Invite a friend along for a ride with no specific destination in mind. Discover a side street or a new slice of afternoon sun. Inversely, join a group ride solo. When alone we are often more likely to welcome conversation from new people and make new acquaintances.

2. Support your local bike shop: The Internet is a great resource, but it’s no match for human interaction. Find a local shop you trust and introduce yourself and your bike. Developing a relationship with the staff will increase your understanding of your bike while supporting a positive business in your community. Most people get into the bike industry because they love bikes, let them show you why.

3. Pump up your tires more often: This simple but essential task is too often put off. Resolve to stop the procrastination and grab a pump. Your ride quality will improve and you’ll thank yourself.

4. Change your own flat tires: This is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. There are two approaches, pick the one that seems reasonable for you.

  • One: carry all necessary materials at all times. That means a tube, a tire lever, a pump and potentially a wrench depending on your wheel.
  • Two: change your flats at home, where you stock those items, or at the bike shop nearest to your flat discovery. It’s rare that a shop won’t sell you a tube and allow you to change it yourself on site.

5. Ride your bike to work (or if you already do, ride to work in the rain): This may be a big next step for some of you, but the benefits are even bigger: save a ton of cash, get exercise, meet new people, see new places, travel at your own pace and on and on. It may take a few new items like a backpack or rain gear to be comfortable, but those things will easily be offset by the savings.

If you’ve already got a bike resolution on your list we’d love to hear it. Let us know by sending it to resolutions@missionbicycle.com. We’ll share responses for others to see. Happy new year.

Come ride with us!

Pre-ride festivities start at 6pm this Friday, June 18th!      See schedule below.

Every 4 years, teams and fans from far and wide all come together to share a common goal, the quest for the cup.

About every 4 Fridays, we like to think SJBP riders share the same kind of excitement about our own journey.

The competition is beginning to heat up in South Africa, and so is the weather out here in San Jose. Come out a join us for a beautiful summer night ride through the heart of East San Jose.


So …. Wear a Jersey, Carry Your Teams Flag, Paint Your Game Face! San Jose is about to be infested with Hooligans on wheels.


This round we got a few tricks up our sleeve … so we are encouraging everyone to come out and enjoy the Pre-Ride Festival.

Worried about missing dinner? Don’t! There will be plenty of vendors selling food out their “ride thru” windows, so people are encouraged to come early.

We don’t usually do this, but we are giving out the start location REALLY EARLY … so y’all can BLOG ABOUT IT and get the buzz going like a South African Vuvuzela.

Start: Shorty Fatz Parking Lot
401 E.Taylor Street #180A
San Jose, CA 95112
(9th Street just north of Taylor Street)

June Ride Agenda:

More ride details will be posted 24-72 hours before the event.

Feeder rides are:

North San Jose / Santa Clara – meet at Rivermark Peets, leaving @6:00pm
Campbell – meet at Campbell Community Center, leaving @6:15pm, led by Ed N
South San Jose – meet at Robertsville Center, leaving @6:30pm, led by Townie Bill. Details:

Look for the orange hooligan on the well lit Townie at Robertsville Center parking lot located on Branham Lane in the shade next to the Post Office, between Almaden Expressway and Lizzie Lane at 6:30pm. We will get to the ‘North of Downtown’ start by 7:00 with an hour to play with.


Tricky Fixie Session at Panhandle Park

This weekend was super fun thanks to all the fixie riders just ownin’ stuff on flatland and the stair set all day.  Joshua Squeeks eeke’d out the ‘W’ with a HUGE three off a six stair…not to mention some other spinny whippy things that were sick.  He got a free SkullyBoom for his domination.

We were also fortunate enough to hang out with John Zacarias, the founder of Calab Streetwear.  His company brings it with a fresh graffiti inspired style, and to top it off, each shirt is packaged in a recycled spray can for extra awesomeness.