Recap of 2013 SF Music Tech Summit – Winter

The SF Music Tech Summit takes place twice a year at the lovely Kabuki Hotel in Japantown.  Industry professionals from music, technology and finance come together to put together a series of panels that draw insight from what is going on in the music industry.  Technology is effecting the way artists interact with their fans in both the online and offline world.  We grabbed interviews from entrepreneurs and representatives of BitTorrent, DropCam, Gigit and more to get the inside scoop on where this fast paced ever-changing industry is going.

One thing seems to remain a consistent theme.  The people want to defend the artists.  The very same people that illegally download content DO actually want to help artists get paid.  Smart artists are creating a multitude of revenue streams and leveraging technology to build stronger relationships with their fans.  Now that same technology is leveling the playing field and creating a more sustainable career path for more artists.  That’s cool.

What do you think are going to be the biggest changes in music technology and fan interaction this year?