Jason Clary State Bicycles x Boombotix Pro Models

Jason ClarySince Jason Clary’s recent victory at Red Bull Ride and Style, he has been in constant motion. He recently inked a new deal with State Bicycle Company landing him an all new race setup. To compliment the new look, we built Jason a custom Boombot REX for his training rides.

Don’t mind the spandex laden cyclist below. Clary doesn’t have the kind of physique for that. You’re more likely to find Jason riding topless without his teeth.

Jason has bounced around with bike sponsors in search of a partnership that really extended his brand in the right way. It’s never really been an issue with equipment. Part of it has just been a constant struggle to manage the expectations between athlete and company. A number of our employees at Boombotix ride State Bicycles to work, so having a team rider shared between our brands is also a great thing. We’re stoked that he’s been with our bike team from the start and excited to see what he will be laying down on the pavement in upcoming years.

“In my heart, I’m a racer. Riding is my passion. Anything with wheels. As long as I’m on the bike my life works out right. Bottom line, I’m going to keep riding as long as I can.” Source: Wolfpack Hustle

JasonClary ProModel BikeState Bicycle x Boombotix Bike Speaker



iMinusD x SkullyBoom Limited Editions

skullyboom iminusd edition

iminusD recently partnered up with SkullyBoom for a little colab project.  IminusD had become a major player in the fixed gear community.  Their attention to detail and eye for design has made them one of the coolest bike shops in California.  Whether you are building from scratch or on a mission to get your dream bike, check out iMinusD to get you started.  Also, if you’re planning to ride San Jose bike party then iMinusD will be your go-to shop for everything you need to get your rolling through the night.

These limited edition SB1s are ONLY available through the store.

iMinusD is located at: 112 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95112

Ph: 408.287.2310

iMinusD Track Springs on August 19th

There will be a ride leaving from the SJSU Event Center Fountain at 6:30pm sharp if you want a guided trip to Bassett Track. Otherwise be at Bassett Track by 7pm. Everyone is encouraged to try and sprint! It is a very short sprint and is fun & friendly competition. It is free to race so you have no excuses! This time around the folks from iMiNUSD & Leader Bikes will be giving away a 2010 725TR frame for the winner! Remember this is on a Thursday guys, mark your calendars! Facebook Event Page

Come sprint, hang out, witness/partake in some shenannies before summer comes to a close! After the sprints we will head to the Old Wagon Saloon for an afterparty.

You don’t want to miss this, spread the word.

Tricky Fixie Session at Panhandle Park

This weekend was super fun thanks to all the fixie riders just ownin’ stuff on flatland and the stair set all day.  Joshua Squeeks eeke’d out the ‘W’ with a HUGE three off a six stair…not to mention some other spinny whippy things that were sick.  He got a free SkullyBoom for his domination.

We were also fortunate enough to hang out with John Zacarias, the founder of Calab Streetwear.  His company brings it with a fresh graffiti inspired style, and to top it off, each shirt is packaged in a recycled spray can for extra awesomeness.