Ski Season is coming back!!

And we are jonesin’ for some pow shots

This morning I found myself lusting for powder when I woke up to the abrasive sound of a street cleaning vehicle going by.  My mind wished that it was a snow cat laying down corduroy on the back of High T.  Alas, it wasn’t.  It is only August.  In any case, if I can’t ski, I might as well sit down on Adobe Premier Pro and edit all of last year’s footage.  Sometimes it is good to just do SOMETHING with it so it doesn’t end up buried in the abyss of your hardrive.

Last season got off to a slow start but one way or another, our team was able to put together some pretty sick shots. No matter how rough the conditions, you really just have to stay mobile and jump on the opportunities you get to ride powder. One of the things we love about Boombot speakers is that even if the conditions are sub-par, at least you have a dance party on your pocket and you can jam out in every lift line and long cold chairlift ride life throws your way.

Shot on location: Alpine Meadows, Heavenly, Squaw Valley

Track: Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remix)


Our take on XGames Skier Big Air

This past week, history was slated in ESPN’s 14th X-Games.  In freestyle skiing , switch double misti 1440s are NO trick to scoff at, and Bobby Brown is one amazing skier.  Buuuuuut that doesn’t mean we aren’t PISSED about it.

TJ Schiller whipped out a 1620, and took SECOND place.  This is a trick that HAS NOT been done in competition….either.

There you have problem A: Two athletes have just redefined the paradigm of what is humanly possible:

Problem B: The age old debate of whether inverts are as stylish as spins is always hot on our minds. In our opinion, the look of spins that are slightly corked, or where the feet never go higher than the head just look more aesthetically pleasing. You get the look of control and fluidity rather than this video game rag-doll action.

Bottom line: This comes down to personal preference, but we’re gonna have to tip OUR hats to TJ on this one.  Side note: The X-Games judges are borderline retarded for pretending they needed a calculator to add 1440 to 180.  This is not rocket science, but what else can you expect from X-Games commentators.

On another note, we can’t help but be stoked on the speed of progression for these athletes.  Its almost as though every year, without fail, someone is tagging on an additional 180 degrees of rotation.  This is on average, a half degree of rotation for ever day in the calendar year.  At this rate, by 2015, we will be seeing athletes do 2520s.

Will it happen?