Learn to Ski with Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness?

Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness? from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.

Good Enough crew made a trip out to Park City, Utah and for sure made some worthwhile turns.  As per usual, the homies killed it on every jib.  If you want to learn how to ski, pay close attention.  Jason Arens used his woodgrain Boombot to flow his way through the pain of getting a #goodenough tattoo.  #DEDICATION #shredtahoe

Featured Skiers

Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Pete Arneson, Khai Krepela, Jordan Spohr, Alden Spence, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, and Cody Perin.

Good Enough- Season 3- Episode 1

Thanks to Boreals amazing early season park we were able to get a few days in with the crew and put this bad Larry together. Hope you enjoy.


This episode we are giving away a Boombot1 thumpin’ speaker of your choice and a sticker pack of Good Enough die-cuts.  Instantly enlarges your bag of tricks guaranteed.  All you have to do is have the best answer to the Good Enough CONTROVERSIAL question of the month.

DID JASON TEXT NoAH’s girl?  Will he betray noah and hook up with sara?

Winner will be hand selected by the Noah Curry so kiss his ass any way that you can.   Leave your comment below and we will pick a winner when we feel like there is an answer that’s “GOOD ENOUGH.”

Good Enough Crew Presents Bare Minimum

Good Enough Presents: The Bare Minimum from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.

It’s about that time when the snow is dropping.  Back in the day, we used to just build snowmen and sit on a sled.  In this day and age, the movement has shifted to slaying jib features and stomping huge tricks.  Matter of fact, it’s not enough to just stomp big tricks.  You have to do it with an ungodly amount of after bang, scissor, and swagger.  This is our crew in Tahoe.  We are proud of our boys.

Filmed and Edited by: Garrett Jurach
Featuring: Noah Curry, Jason Arens, Pete Arneson, Dash Kamp, Jordan Spohr, Bret Donnelly, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, Kyle Smaine, Lou Macias, and friends.
Additional filming: Dylan Curry, Paul Heran, Chris Stamey.
Supported by: Surface Skis, Causwell, Joystick, BoomBotix, Cakeatr, Newschoolers.com, and Tall Treez.

Armada Skis brings fresh gear with seasoned talent

The Armada Skis Mammoth Shoot ft. Tanner Hall, JP Auclair, Phil Casabon, Jacob Wester, and Henrik Harlaut from ARMADA SKIS INC. on Vimeo.

This is a pretty fun-loving edit featuring a nice little collection of Armada ski veterans and a little bit of fresh talent.  This is living proof that shredding keeps you looking young.  Be on the lookout for all of Armada’s freshest gear dropping this fall.  Do not compromise.  Have THAT.

Ski Season is coming back!!

And we are jonesin’ for some pow shots

This morning I found myself lusting for powder when I woke up to the abrasive sound of a street cleaning vehicle going by.  My mind wished that it was a snow cat laying down corduroy on the back of High T.  Alas, it wasn’t.  It is only August.  In any case, if I can’t ski, I might as well sit down on Adobe Premier Pro and edit all of last year’s footage.  Sometimes it is good to just do SOMETHING with it so it doesn’t end up buried in the abyss of your hardrive.

Last season got off to a slow start but one way or another, our team was able to put together some pretty sick shots. No matter how rough the conditions, you really just have to stay mobile and jump on the opportunities you get to ride powder. One of the things we love about Boombot speakers is that even if the conditions are sub-par, at least you have a dance party on your pocket and you can jam out in every lift line and long cold chairlift ride life throws your way.

Shot on location: Alpine Meadows, Heavenly, Squaw Valley

Track: Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remix)