The State of Skiing

When the image of skiing comes to mind, what do you see? Some picture the classic European images of sunglass wearing, lyrca clad skiers going down groomed runs in St. Anton. Others picture the last time they went to their local resort, equipped with friends and a flask of Jack Daniels. Others may picture Lindsay Vonn, in her world cup downhill tuck position (or not:

A Proper Skin Suit

To most, the image of skiing usually has to do with large mountains, lots of snow, hot cocoa, and cold weather. Perhaps even pretzel man Tom Wallisch.

What you are about to see is the OTHER side of skiing- in the depths of the city, utilizing obstacles that we ordinarily walk by without taking notice. Skiers like Allen Lam, based out of freezing Minnesota, seize the opportunity to be had in each millimeter of snow to perform stunts similar to skateboarders… in ice cold conditions where no skateboard wheel could roll. Think you could handle this style of riding? Have a look:

Welcome to the team Brady Perron

“Thanks” Brady Perron Self Edit from ARMADA SKIS INC. on Vimeo.

We’d like to  welcome our newest team member, Brady Perron to our arsenal of really dope skiers.  Our friends at Armada Ski company have been awesome partners in connecting us with some of the best athletes in the world.a  We’re absolutely amped to have Brady ride for us in 2012.

Get Ready to Ski/Ride on the 4th of July

Folks, this year it snowed a TON. So much, that Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are re opening for the 4th of July. So dust off your skis/boards and get your summer fixin’ over the 4th. There has even been some rumors of a park setup…

Just take a look at how much snow they have as of Friday June 17th…

Its ON!

BBTX will see you up there.