Solar powered DJ set lets you turn tables in front of picnic tables

Eco-friendly, outdoor DJ booth is first of its kind

If you ever thought a picnic could use a dose of Skrillex or Deadmau5, then you’re in luck because Yalp / Lappset has just introduced the next iteration in outdoor entertainment with the world’s first eco-friendly, outdoor-ready DJ booth.



Referred to as “The Fono”, the booth is a solar powered turn-table that requires zero DJ skills. Instead, it allows users to play music off their smartphone, and includes cut, tempo, and loop options to play with. Fono simply amplifies the sound of the smartphone, but it does all of this via the power it’s generating from the solar panels atop its roof.




Fono recently won a RedDot award, beating some 4,815 other entries from 53 different countries. And for those doubting whether something like this will ever take off, apparently overseas it’s a pretty big deal; particularly with the folks in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia.

No doubt it’s a wicked cool concept, but for those looking to bring their music with them in a bit more of a compact form, might we suggest a certain Bluetooth portable speaker that can clip onto your pocket?

Which Wireless Speaker to Buy- Skrillex Bangarang Showdown


A comparison on the 3 top bluetooth speakers available

Suppose you have $150 and you want to get the best portable speaker possible.  Say you happen to also like the loud pounding of a Skrillex song.  Well fortunately for you, most wireless speakers are well within your budget.  The Jawbone Jambox recently saw a price decrease to $129.99.  It’s one of the top selling portable speakers on the market.  After tax and shipping, you’re gonna eat up all your dough, but you will have a well packaged brick shaped speaker.

Now why don’t we have a look at the Boombotix line.  On one end you can get a Boombot2 for $69.99 and have money in the bank.  You could probably buy yourself a cool hoodie on top and STILL have money left for a burrito.  If you go to the high end, you can look at the Boombot REX.   Feature for feature, the Boombot2 is a lot like the Jawbone Jambox.  The Boombot REX has some additional features with Siri/Voice Control and track controls.

test setup

Top Portable Speakers - Boombot REX v Jambox v Boombot2

We used an iPhone5 paired to all devices.  The decibel meter was two feet away.  All devices were played at maximum volume.  The EQ profile on the device was set to flat.

skrillex bangarang provides the data

While the Jambox sounded ok, it almost seemed to be MISSING the highs on this track.  It could barely scrape to 80dB.  The Boombot2 even killed this guy getting as high as 90dB.  The Boombot REX went off the charts getting as high as 93dB.  I mean seriously, this is getting to the point where our gear is getting straight DANGEROUS.  For real.

  1. Boombot REX / 93dB
  2. Boombot2 / 90dB
  3. Jawbone Jambox / 80dB

Don’t believe it?  Watch the video:

the verdict

Some people asked us how much better our Boombot REX is from the Boombot2.  Of course we always get the question on how our product is different from the Jambox.  Well it is quite simple.  We are way louder and more portable than that thing will ever be.

Which song do you want to hear on the next showdown?  Let us know and we MIGHT just play it.

Outside Lands Recap

skrillex blows out his subs and rebelution causes clouds

Outside Lands, San Francisco

There is a reason why you put Skrillex last in the line up at Outside Lands.  We aren’t talking about last on Friday or Saturday either…. we mean straight up LAST.  His music literally demolishes speakers and becomes an amps worst nightmare.  The frequencies that he attempts to reverberate are at such subsonic levels that the woofers gasp at the glance of the sinusoidal mayhem.  As we were just getting to the start of his set, we noticed that something didn’t sound quite right.  About 5 minutes into the set, the subs were leaking a sound reminiscent of a hamster filled trunk on an old El Camino without Dynamat.  The Skirllex production team KILLED it with the lighting and visuals.  But what happens when one of the world’s most elite bass/dubstep DJs loses his bass?

I’ll tell you what happens.  The show SUCKS and becomes an incredible disappointment.  Again, praise Jah that we got free tickets.  These are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS but we still have to vent.  For a moment, we were contemplating whether Skrillex would need to rely on Boombotix portable speakers to keep the party alive.  We may need to help build him a new subwoofer.

Our crew had mostly managed to scrap up leftover tickets one way or another, so it really did not matter what happened in there.  The free tickets allowed us to enjoy the $9 beers without guilt.  We took our beers and headed into Bloc Party with a goal to get front row.  Yeah right.  You would need a riot shield and mace to get that far.  28th row front and center would be just fine.  What was up with Bloc Party’s steeze?  I believe they had a naked drummer and Kele was rocking basketball shorts…. interesting.  Suppose it doesn’t matter when you’re a rockstar.  Other notable performances (for us at least) was Rebelution.  We literally saw a cumulo nimbus sized ganja cloud come up from the crowd during their performance and we were smiling ear-to-ear.

The last day at Outside Lands, you really see a lot of stragglers.  For some that allocated an entire weekend to rage their face off, Sunday is when you can’t even drink your way out of a hangover.  You also get your fair amount of people that have rolled their balls off for the entire weekend so that their brain is completely void of any serotonin.  They sit about with empty faces usually chain smoking and avoiding thinking about Monday.

San Francisco Outside Lands is one of the sickest music festivals on the planet.  We are very blessed to have had such fine company in oen of the best venues in the world, Golden Gate Park.  Check out more of our photos at Swagonomics.

Please Don’t Interrupt the DJ

Unless You Plan on Bribing Him

Surely you’ve been in this position before. You get to a club (or a live event, or house party) you get your drink on, and in no time you’re feeling just splendid. The DJ is playing some fine jams, everything is shiny, every one is having an amazing time. Then it happens.

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Bamboozle 2012: The things you need to know on how to survive an entire weekend of kick-ass awesomeness

The East Coast’s biggest music festival is next weekend . . . here’s everything you need to know.

Bamboozle 2012

The Bamboozle Festival is celebrating its 10th year of kicking ass and taking names and boy oh boy, do they have the band lineup to celebrate. Headliners range from Skrillex to Foo Fighters to Jon Bon Jovi and believe it or not, their undercard performers are ten times more impressive than the three listed here.

Festival gates open this Friday, May 18th at 5:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday, the gates open at 2:00 pm.

But that’s the basic stuff. Here’s everything you need to know on how to survive this weekend of kick-ass awesomeness, from what you should bring to Bamboozle to how to get there and more.

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