The History of the Boombot

Ghetto fab-o-lous skullyboom circa 2009

The original Boombot was conceived as an alternative to headphones. The founder of Boombotix, Lief Storer, was commuting via bicycle to and from work across a mile of traffic and three miles of bayside estuary. He wanted something that would be safer than headphones while also immersing himself in the outdoors with his music. He worked as an engineer by day and an artist by night. When the company flew him to Taiwan to work on LED lighting systems, he discovered Japanese urban vinyl toy design. He began incorporating the toy medium into his work before coming across a Do-it-Yourself toy called the Skully.

The Skully featured asymmetrical eyes in a tennis ball-sized form factor. The toy was made of PVC on a rotocast. Using the shell and some off-the-shelf portable speaker components and a Motorola walkie-talkie belt clip, Lief assembled the first working prototypes. Many of his friends took interest in the product, and a company was beginning to form. Over the next year, Lief spent his off-hours meticulously refining the design to move closer to a satisfactory working prototype. The first production prototypes were tested in rain drenched San Francisco and the deep treacherous powder throughout Lake Tahoe.

By April of 2010, Lief had raised enough private equity and built enough into the design to bring the first Boombots to the market. They were super simple, featuring an on/off button, rechargeable battery, retractable audio cable, and a hip clip.

A look into the Boombotix past…

It seems like so long ago, but it was only in the Summer of 2008 when Dennis Quijano released his first vinyl toy, the Skully, under the brand Urban Warfair. Soon thereafter, the founder and eventual CEO of Boombotix, Lief Storer (an avid vinyl toy collector at the time) came across the piece and purchased a few. Months later, after successfully blowing out his ACL while skiing at Northstar, Lief was confined to his cubicle and kept the Skully there to ward off evil spells. As VinylPulse magazine quoted about the toy, “The large blank eye-socket area makes the figure interesting DIY wise,” and that led to the inception of something much, much more than a toy.

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San Francisco Bike Party!


Bike party, thats right!

Come out an party with us tonight, mobile style. Tonight in San Francisco is the 3rd monthly bike party ride, a gathering of all riders of all types, skills and styles to come together in a massive mob. The ride consists of mellow cruising in a huge pack, and multiple stops to GET YO PARTY ON! This is only their third ride; the second brought out 700+ riders!

The meetup is at 7:30 tonight in China Basin park (across McCovey cove from At&T park) and leaves at 8pm.

The ride is a flat, fun 13 miles with lots of party stops in between. More details on the ride and the map on their blog here: SFBikeParty.

Come out and say hello, we’ll have the Skully’s blastin!

PVC Custom Skully Show is LIVE!

Skully PVC promo

This morning Delicious Drips opened up their Submission gallery to welcome the release of custom DIY Skullys for the PVC custom contest.  Our artists manipulated this toy to turn it into everything from robots to roosters.  Many of the artists were kind enough to also supply a lot of helpful tips on how they achieved their design.  DLi$h commented:

“In the upcoming months, we’re really bringing the SkullyBoom brand out a lot more when the SB1 speaker comes out.  We want everyone to know where our roots are, so having artists take the time to bust out has really been a blessing.  Thank you guys!!”

Each artists is competing for a shot at over $500 in prizes along with a spot on SkullyBoom’s West Coast tour.  Artists accumulate points based on how Delicious YOU rate their toy.

To top it off, Delicious Drips is also raffling off a pair of Skullcandy headphones to a lucky fan.  How do you win?  It’s simple: Just vote on some of these artists design.  Every artist you vote on gains you one shot in the raffle.  At the end of next week, you’ll have yourself several chances to win a pair of headphones of YOUR choice.