Pillow is part cushion, all alarm clock

Smart piece of sleep technology coming out of Sony

Love me some smart thinking like this — Sony has just received a patent for a high-tech pillow that just might help sleepyheads everywhere wake up feeling like they’ve had the best sleep of their lives . . . every morning.

Deep sleep

The idea is this — the pillow is embedded with a small actigraph that monitors the sleep patterns of the user. For those unfamiliar with the technology, actigraphy is a non-invasive approach to continually monitoring and recording movements. The point of including it in a pillow is to record a person’s sleep patterns to the point that it can tell if the sleeper is in REM sleep or is otherwise awake.

Sony High Tech Pillow Alarm Clock

So what’s the point? To give users the ability to set the alarm and be gently woken up not at an exact time, but rather at the most optimal time. You see, when someone’s woken up from a deep sleep, it can leave the person feeling tired and pretty groggy . . . that is, unless your alarm clock is hooked up through your loud-ass portable speaker. Then you just wet the bed when you wake up.

A bit more specifically, the pillow tracks the users brainwaves to make sure that the person is being woken up only AFTER they leave REM sleep. From the patent:

The present application relates to a sleep aid device and method, program and recording medium, and more particularly, to a sleep aid device and method, program and recording medium for having a short sleep efficiently.

No word yet on how much it’ll cost or when it’s coming out.