How Do Cell Phones Makes Your Life Better?

Our buddy Earl hit us up with this rad infographic on how cell phones make our lives better. Of course, we all know that Tinder-ing and lurking the Facebook cannot be done with an ordinary mobile phone, one needs a legit Android or iPhone, paired with a lickedy split data connection. Waking up and checking Instagram is a habit of many, checking in on friends and idols alike, sure makes people happy.

Have a look:

How Cell Phones Makes Your Life Happier?

The raddest statistic we found is the streamlining of the music/MP3 playback devices. Now that all your tunes are on your phone, why not pick up a portable speaker as mobile as your phone, to hear those tunes the way the artist meant for you.

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon code) and Boombotix


Voicemail is Obsolete – It’s OFFICIAL


The year is 2013 and officials worldwide have declared voicemail to be obsolete.  The increase of smartphone adoption has created a wave of alternative communication options including SMS, voIP services (Heytell, Voxer, WhasApp, Skype) and email are putting voicemail into the Stone Age.  If you’re using the best wireless speakers in the game, does it make sense to be leaving voicemails still?  More and more people are ignoring, deleting, and never listening to their voicemail.  In San Francisco, Nick Willsher claimed, “I’ve actually taken a proactive measure and let people know on my recording that voicemail is dead.  I’m trying to build awareness and make people understand that it’s not OK to leave a voicemail in 2013.”

what to do in the new age

For starters, STOP leaving voicemails.  Get with it.  It’s pretty simple.  If you hit someone’s voicemail when you are calling them, simply hang up and resort to one of hundreds of different “modern” communications methods.

Dr. Boomworthy, PHD in psychology suggests, “the first step towards making a big change like this is admittance.  If you are in denial about this, you will be left behind which compounds the problem.  You will wonder why your friends are communicating with you.  It’s not that they don’t like you.  It’s just that they are simply NOT getting your message….. or maybe they just don’t like you.  But that’s your problem.”

Some people use apps like Grinders to communicate on a variety of levels, while some rely on social media.  No matter which medium you choose, as long as it is well traffic’d and accepted amongst your peers, you’ll be just fine.  Pay attention to where trends are going in communicating and don’t fall behind. Talk to your friends about it.

If you really want to take a pro-active approach at this, start by sharing the Voicemail is Obsolete OFFICIAL Facebook page.

the future of communication

Looking down the road, you’re pretty safe with a lot of the smartphone based communication methods.  Really, the only quantum leap we’re going to have in the next millenium is telepathy which may start with neuron embedded phones.  Watch out.

Mobile app answers age-old question: who made me sick?

Fun, gimmicky mobile app from popular OTC healthcare company

‘Tis the season to hack up a lung. At least, if you work in my office it is. The sneezing. The coughing. And the handshakes. OH THE HANDSHAKES!!!

hand shake while sick

During these colder months, it’s harder to try and NOT get sick than it is to just accept the inevitable and deal with being sick. But when we’re sitting under a blanket with tissues shoved up our nostrils, the thought of “who did this to me – who made me sick?” always creeps into our minds. Don’t lie. You’ve wondered it. I’ve wondered it. When your cat sneezes, I bet it wonders it too.

Cat sneeze

Well, to answer that age-old question, Health Remedies, an over-the-counter healthcare company, has come up with a simple mobile app to help us find the answer. It’s called “Help, My Friend Gave Me the Flu” and the way it works is the user allows it to access Facebook to scan through friends’ posts and check-ins to look for keywords like “coughing,” “sneezing,” “I’m sick” or “I think that’s my lung on the floor.”

The user gets that list of people deemed “socially sick” and depending upon who he or she’s seen recently, voila—we have the culprit.

Help I’m sick mobile app

The whole “Help” app idea is nothing new: the company has actually created dozens of similar mobile apps for all sorts of issues, ranging from “Help, I feel fat” and “Help, I’m going bald” to “Help, I’m sexually frustrated” and “Help, I don’t know what the back of my head looks like”.

Richard Fine, the co-founder of the “Help” franchise, explained the premise of the company to the New York Times as follows:

We want people to see that there are simple solutions. Most people shop by brand or product, and it’s difficult to know what you should be buying and taking. It is a confusing space for people who are not experts. We wanted to take what’s basic and works, and make it human.

Samsung launches first android camera

No doubt this is just the first of many smart cameras to come

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Showing no hesitation after last month’s courtroom beat down at the hands of Apple, Samsung’s back to grabbing headlines and taking names this week with the announcement of the company’s new Galaxy Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera is the first smart camera on the market

Basically, it’s a small, compact digital camera that runs on Google’s Android technology, specifically, Jellybean 4.1, the latest Android OS to date.

For all those scratching their heads out there right now thinking, Isn’t this thing just an overly-glorified smartphone? — yes, it is. It just can’t make any calls.

Samsung Galaxy Camera is not a phone

Cool apps and widgets aside, Samsung’s Galaxy Camera rocks some impressive specs. It features a 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and includes 1080p video recording technology. Also, it has a 4.77” high-def touch-screen LCD screen, 23mm lens with a 2.8 aperture, and a rather gnarly-if-I-do-say-so-myself 21x optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy Camera technology

The Galaxy Camera offers some additional perks that helps it avoid the connotation of being “just another camera”. For instance, it features wireless connectivity with 4G/LTE capability (on selected regions, obvi, as not everywhere supports this kick-ass service just yet). Also, it offers cloud storage back-up for photos the moment they’re taken — sayonara to the days of having to scramble for new memory cards!

Early reviews are in and here’s what the general consensus: yes, the physical specs on the Galaxy Camera are impressive. I mean, how could they not be — they’re the only true “smart” camera on the market. But its performance is severely lacking. There are reports of shutter delay. Also, some are saying that the Jellybean software isn’t exactly jiving with the hardware as well as it should — lots of error messages popping up time and again when users are trying to taking a photo.

But if expert reviews and opinions aren’t for you, then you might be interested in hearing a bit more about some of the device’s flashly highlights — Samsung’s Galaxy Camera allows users to take a picture using voice control, edit images on the touchscreen, and share photos right away on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Interested in buying it? Well, let ye be forewarned that the Galaxy Camera does not fall into the category of affordable electronic gear like our finely crafted portable mini speakers – Samsung announced that they’ll be on sale in the UK next month for £399, about $500 here in the States.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with my camera phone for now.

Thanks but no thanks

Learn more about the new Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Optrix Fisheye Lens for iPhone Review

shoots everything you could dream from an iphone

Optrix Fisheye Case modified
 Today was also our first day out with the Optrix iPhone case.  This case fits a fisheye lens to your iPhone.  On Instagram photos and video, the field view is PERFECT although on the normal camera mode, you start picking up the edge of the lens.  Could just be a mechanical tweak made for a bigger lens with the same radius/magnification.  As the smartphone cameras continue to improve, one must wonder if these kind of adaptations could replace the GoPro.  One thing is for sure, the speakers on iPhone’s always suck, and the microphones have a lot of room for improvement too.  Which devices will consolidate into the smartphone?  All that is left is the video camera and car keys.

We took ours and cut out the screen in front and shaved a hole in the bottom to charge.  It kills the waterproofing but makes it so that the piece is more of a day-to-day piece.  We used an exacto knife to remove the screen on the front so that we could get better touch input.  Then we used a Dremel tool to cut a hole in the bottom to allow the charging connector to move through and allow the on-board speakers to be exposed. Might also be good to look at a product like the Olloclip, but then you have to remove the case.  Anyone know an iPhone fisheye that is built into a case (non-waterproof?)

here are some photos we took with it today

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