Peevertising- The most FOUL form of Guerilla Marketing in the snow

I hate to say it and don’t want to mention any names (MB), has put together a guerrilla marketing campaign that is causing a storm in the Boston area.  Peevertising is the new wave that involves pissing designs into snow.  If you are a male that’s ever pissed in snow, you have probably drafted your name in cursive.  This takes guerrilla marketing to new frontiers in an innovative and disgusting way.  To see the full collection of fine brews pissed into the snow, visit Peevertising.Stella Tecate


Interview with Good Enough Ski Crew

Good Enough Crew at Boreal

This winter Boombotix has teamed up with the whole Good Enough crew to bring sound to the slopes.  The partnership is a beacon of our dedication to supporting action sports with athletes that are pushing their amplitude to the highest levels.  The Good Enough ski crew is known for their progressive ski style with a greater emphasis on creativity and less on hucking big tricks.

We sat down with Jason Arens and Noah Curry this week with an exclusive interview.

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Learn to Ski with Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness?

Good Enough- Season Three- Episode Two- You Into Fitness? from Garrett Jurach on Vimeo.

Good Enough crew made a trip out to Park City, Utah and for sure made some worthwhile turns.  As per usual, the homies killed it on every jib.  If you want to learn how to ski, pay close attention.  Jason Arens used his woodgrain Boombot to flow his way through the pain of getting a #goodenough tattoo.  #DEDICATION #shredtahoe

Featured Skiers

Jason Arens, Noah Curry, Pete Arneson, Khai Krepela, Jordan Spohr, Alden Spence, Raleigh White, Cooper Davidson, and Cody Perin.

Ski Season is coming back!!

And we are jonesin’ for some pow shots

This morning I found myself lusting for powder when I woke up to the abrasive sound of a street cleaning vehicle going by.  My mind wished that it was a snow cat laying down corduroy on the back of High T.  Alas, it wasn’t.  It is only August.  In any case, if I can’t ski, I might as well sit down on Adobe Premier Pro and edit all of last year’s footage.  Sometimes it is good to just do SOMETHING with it so it doesn’t end up buried in the abyss of your hardrive.

Last season got off to a slow start but one way or another, our team was able to put together some pretty sick shots. No matter how rough the conditions, you really just have to stay mobile and jump on the opportunities you get to ride powder. One of the things we love about Boombot speakers is that even if the conditions are sub-par, at least you have a dance party on your pocket and you can jam out in every lift line and long cold chairlift ride life throws your way.

Shot on location: Alpine Meadows, Heavenly, Squaw Valley

Track: Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remix)