Snowboarding with LED lights

If there is one person that will thoroughly enjoy riding with a Boombot speaker in the night,  it would be this LED covered snowboarder.  The rider almost looks mythic as he navigates through the darkness with only the light from his suit.  The video was shot in the French Alps by filmaker Jacob Sutton.  He wanted to make the snowboarder the only light source using his Red Epic camera which is supposed to operate in temperatures as low as -25C.

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686 Project goes for recycled outerwear with style

Our good friend and manager of our Italian Distribution network, Alessio Gualtiari was one of several selected artists to partake in the 686 Reclaim Project.  The jackets they made are entirely composed of recycled materials.  To be quite honest, these jackets look plenty awesome no matter where they got that fabric from.  Big props to 686 for putting ingenuity to the test.

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Boreal Expressions Session

We’re sorry we cant bring you snow, but we also figure that you should have your jibs on lock seeing as thats about al you can do at the moment.

Expressions Sessions are a great way to spend a Friday evening with a really chill competition. There are a number of other great local companies involved so the swag packs should be thoroughly DEEP.
Hopefully we’ll see you guys out there throwing down!



Snowboarding vs. Skiing: Who Wins? The Facts Here.

When it comes to these two sports, who has the upper hand? Here are the infographic FACTS:

(note Shaun White’s annual earnings vs. Lindsey Vonn’s– Looks like Target pays better than Maxim)

Who reigns supreme? Is it the flying tomato Shaun White? Or is it Lindsey Vonn? With the Winter Dew Tour Nike Open this weekend (big ups to team riders Charlie Ingalls and Jason Arens out there competing), what can we expect to see? Snowboarder Torstein Horgmo has triple flips in his arsenal. So does skier Bobby Brown. Can we expect to see them thrown this weekend? Will either sport pull away with pure dominance, or will they both converge into an activity so similar we cant tell the difference and will all be friends?




Boreal opens in…July?

Break out the ski and board gear for some summer shredding.  For only $20, come up to Boreal from 10am – 2pm, July 10th & 11th to enjoy the abundance of snow left from the snowy spring.  A full terrain park will be built out for you to enjoy, accessed via the Castle Peak Quad.  2010/2011 season passes will be accepted, and will be on sale during the day.  Gather 5 friends to purchase season passes to save even more.

More info to come.