Woman uses the Brooklyn Bridge to play the harp

Odd music project plans on using various bridges throughout the world

Naturally, since we make a wearable portable speaker that allows the user to listen to their favorite music out loud while living their active lifestyle, this story caught our idea. The image you see above is called the “Human Harp” and the foundation upon which it was built was the idea of creating sculptural instruments which can attach to the human body and create sound using movement.

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Hospital’s pipes play lullabies to entertain young patients

Art and sound concept makes young patients comfortable, happy

Hospital lullaby pipes

Cool story out of London — the Lullaby Factory has created an art installation in the backyard of the city’s Great Ormand Street Hospital, which provides treatment to children and teenagers. The project itself is built upon an existing series of drainage pipes and actually repurposes a boiler house from the hospital itself to create a “secret” audio playground for the young patients.

Lullaby Factory hospital pipes

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