Denon Cocoon gives Sonos a run for their money

Is it just me or is this CG product render to dubstep music become the standard way to introduce some “groundbreaking” product?  I suppose that is one way you can attempt to give all of these amorphous blobs hitting the market a little more personality.  Sometimes I worry that we’ve hit this age where industrial design has become scared to make a line or curve and we’re going to have to have a shape renaissance.  Groundbreaking or not, the Cocoon likely thumps the floor to the tune of 100 watts.  Sonos might wanna keep an eye out as the Denon Cocoon incorporates Wifi connectivity in the at-home version.

There’s nothing ultraportable about this thing, and the thought of having some mud and beer splash on there makes me cringe.  We’ll stick to our speakers.

Source: DesignBOOM