Bike Parties Spreading Nationwide

Bike-Partybikes + Sound + Lights Spreading rampant

If you live in any urban area, you’e probably seen the hoards of bikers going by on a given evening.  This isn’t the critical mass that many have come to know as an act of rebellion against vehicles.  This is the bike party.  Bike parties are taking the nation by storm as the number of cyclists in each city grows.  The SFMTA reported a double in the number of cyclists in the past five years with 3.5% of all transit going down on the 2-wheeled bandit.  The trend in biking growth is a result of biking becoming “hip” beyond hipsters, practical and healthy.

It’s a different vibe that brings people together.   They build cool things and showcase them on the streets.  If you’ve never done a bike party, please make sure you read this and follow along.  This is the bike party essential guide telling you everything you need to know to ride like a champ.

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Lowrider Soviet Sound Innovation

The Russian military may be stagnant, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t putting their steel to good use.  Boombotix Russia built this rig for their last tradeshow using the Jumbo Boombot and some creative welds to concoct a lowrider that will put most car audio systems to shame.  We were envisioning this guy rolling in the darkness with Ghostrider’s flaming skull emanating.  If you have your own idea of what you’d do with a Jumbo Boombot, let us know.  These bad boys are hitting the store soon and we are looking forward to driving spring sound to the #nextlevel.

Lowerider Soviet Soundbike

Lowerider Soviet Soundbike

the bike design

This lowrider takes has a hint of reverse tricycle engineering.  The front two wheels pivot allowing you to control your direction AND point your bass canon wherever you’d like.  The Soviet Soundbike includes a flag holder, a 3-speed internal hub, and a guaranty that you will get laid.

Jumbo boombot technical specs

  • 250W Dayton Audio Amplifier
  • 12″ Full-Range Eminence PA Driver
  • Ported design
  • Full hand laid fiberglass construction

Lowrider Soviet Soundbike Lowrider Soviet Soundbike

Bike Handlebar Mount Pre-Order Goes LIVE

You’ve probably been waiting a LONG time for this product to see the light of day.  Well the bad news first…the wait is not over.  The GOOD news now; production has commenced, and while we are missing Santa’s delivery cut off, the bike mount will be seeing the light of day fairly soon.  What better a time to start the new year with some fitness resolutions to get on your bike more and work off those Christmas Cookies.

For those of your that want first DIBS on your bike handlebar mount, head right over to the new Boombotix Store and pre-order yours today.  Initial production will be limited as we want to ensure maximum stoke factor for this first production run.  Below you can see a CAD cross section of the bike mount.  The mount includes rubber shock vibration dampeners on the tob and between the bars.  It will also come with all the hardware and tools needed for a quick installation.