18 of the most ridiculously awesome customized speakers

Sound freaks get creative when it comes to projecting their music

It’s Friday – you could use a distraction. So how about a nice long list of awesomely customized speakers done by sound freaks across the interwebz?


Yeah, I thought that’d get your attention.

While we could easily fit our entire collection of Bluetooth speakers on to the list, we thought it’d be a bit more fun to scour the deepest nooks and furthest crannies of the internet to see what other audiophiles are doing with their speakers.

To say the least, we weren’t disappointed. Here’s 17 more, in no particular order, that took our breath away.

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Characteristics and Properties of Wireless Portable Speakers

the comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about wireless portable speakers

If you’re curious to know about wireless portable speakers, this article goes into great depth on every aspect of these devices from construction, materials, acoustic properties and more.  Boombotix has been building wireless portable speakers for over three years now, so we figured we’d share some of our knowledge for your reference.  If you are looking to build your own wireless portable speakers, you may also want to reference this article on hardware product design.  You may learn a lot from our product design and use it as a starting point for your personal wireless speaker project.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment and we will see if we can be of assistance.  Let’s get right into it.

1. Wireless Portable Speaker Overview
1.1 Primary Parts and Funtions of a Wireless Portable Speaker
1.2 Why most wireless portable speakers use Bluetooth
1.3 Bluetooth Signals and Protocols
1.4 Other wireless audio protocols
2. Parts and Characteristics of Wireless Portable Speakers in Detail
2.1 Speaker Diaphragm
2.2 Speaker Magnets/Audio Transducer
2.3 Impedance Rating
2.4 Weatherproofing/Ingress Protection Rating
3. Portable Wireless Speaker Electronics
3.1 Class-D Amplifier
3.2 Bluetooth Module with Built On MCU
3.2 Lithium Polymer Batteries
4.Mechanics of Wireless Portable Speakers
4.1 Wireless Portable Speaker Acoustics
4.2 Portable Speaker Connectors
5. Firmware Programming on Wireless Portable Speakers
6. Where to buy Wireless Portable Speakers
7. Conclusion

1  Wireless Portable Speaker Overview

This is an exploded view of the Boombot REX2 wireless speaker.  This rendering shows you all of the primary mechanical components typically found in a wireless portable speaker.

This is an exploded view of the Boombot REX wireless speaker. This rendering shows you all of the primary mechanical components typically found in a wireless portable speaker.

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Customizing your Boombotix Speaker

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

This unit features a custom green bezel and a full color gradient print on grill for Wanderful Media in SF.

custom speaker private labeling services for brands and designers

Boombot speakers are designed to adapt to your lifestyle.  They are the projector of the music that defines your identity.  Boombot speakers are a blank canvas for designers and artists.  Designers and brands can explore a new medium on a device that provides real utility.  This is a product that is taken and seen everywhere. Draw attention to your brand and give the gift of sound. To see a full catalog of products you can customize, visit the Boombotix store and get inspired.

Boombot Design Constraints

Boombot speakers are built with meticulous industrial design characteristics for function and acoustic performance.  Designs should not do anything to interfere with the acoustic performance of the product.  We do not typically change mechanical components on our products unless it is implemented throughout our entire product line.

There are several processes for applying graphics onto Boombot speakers.  We typically use water transfer to apply pattern and texture graphics.  Pad printing is used for stamping graphics on product.  Each method has some restrictions, but the two methods can also be used in combination to offer artists the most graphic freedom.  As a rule of thumb, if you are using a pattern, you should include source art that is at least 1000p x 1000p as vector art.  With pad printing, keep in mind that simplicity is going to be the most feasible and smaller graphics will work easier than larger ones.  Units can also be hand painted, but this increases production costs significantly.

In pad printing, avoid designing around the sharper lines of the product.  Think of pad printing as a stamp that is applied to a surface.  The stamp can bend around some soft contours but cannot form around sharper ones.

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Taking a Journey to the Boombotix Birthplace

Shen Zhen

In case you didn’t know, Boombotix speakers are made in China.  Shen Zhen to be exact. Shen Zhen is considered to be a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) known for being one of the major manufacturing powerhouses of the world.  Some of the top consumer electronics companies source their products from Shen Zhen including Apple, Monster Cable, and Skullcandy.  On our trip, we are going to be visiting the factories in Shen Zhen and GuangZhou.  Some of the areas outside of the cities are industrial villages where you can get everything done from injection molding, PCBA fabrication, screen printing, packaging, and just about anything you can imagine.

On our trip, we really want to document the entire experience as best possible so that we can bring forth the realities of globalization and outsourcing.  Our trip to China will begin on March 27th.  We purchased one way tickets to ensure that we can capture as much as needed to get the truth out there.   Continue reading