Boombotix Launches into Zumiez Test

Zumiez Accessories

Zumiez is one of the premier retailers in the lifestyle/action sport segment.  After three years, Boombotix is finally getting the green light to test this line both online and in ten doors in some of their top locations.  Zumiez has over 400 doors nationwide with an operating division in Canada as well as Blue Tomato in Europe.

For Zumiez, the portable speaker category is new.  They see their customers using them, so naturally the category interests them.  The in-store merchandising hasn’t dedicated significant real estate to portable speakers, but they are looking for a key partner to step up to the plate.  Right now they are testing with the Beats Pill with a $199 premium.  The Boombot1 is going to see a new competitive price point at $29.99.  Customers looking to get premium quality at a fraction more than the Deadmau5 speakers or the AudioBots mini speakers currently sold through the web store.  We designed the Boombot line for people with an active lifestyle and we hope that customers see the added value in our engineering.  You can hear the difference. Boombot battery runtime dwarfs the competition, and the portability is unparalleled.

Retailing portable speakers is tricky.  Customers paying a premium price typically want to validate the performance and price point with an audio tests.  Listening stations can  also provide challenges that headphones previously did not.  Most portable speakers need recharging or constant power which isn’t always available on the sales floor.  For this purpose, we focused on retailing the Boombot1 at an accessible price point at a key peak season.  Customers are often looking for cool graduation gifts and gadgets/gear for the summer outdoor season.

This week, Boombotix will be deploying product into the following Zumiez stores and online.  Below are some of the stores that will be holding the line should you feel like going shopping.

list of zumiez stores with boombotix speakers

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