Understanding Swag: Fails and Wins

What is the definition of swag? Let this visual guide help you.

Will Ferrell swag


appearance, style, or the way in which a person presents oneself; can refer to confidence, style, and demeanor.

Ex.: “Shit, that guy’s got killa swag” . . . or something like that.

There’s no denying it: Swag is EVERYWHERE today. Celebrities have it. Athletes have it. Heck, if she dresses right, I bet even your mom has it.

But with so many different types of swag out there right now, it can be hard to differentiate the difference between a swag fail and swag for the win.

Here’s a visual guide to help you become a swag connoisseur:

Funny homework swag

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We like to party HARD

Our skater Jevelle Wiltz is one talented dude. If he’s not out skating the streets or skate parks in Reno, Sac-town or Frisco you can find him rapping up a storm, playing a beat off his i-phone and blasting his portable speaker. Velly Vell’s debut song and music video, “We Like To Party Hard,” is all about meeting ladies, dancin’ and partying (something else he happens to be good at). What do you guys think about this song? Think he’s got what it takes to be American’s Next Top Rapper?

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Next stop: Mountain View, CA


Finally, IDENTITY will arrive at Mountain View tomorrow. This is the first-ever electronic music ONLY festival. It has been touring around the US since August. Tomorrow, it will be close to the Bay Area, Mountain View. Haven’t gotten your ticket yet? Get it while it lasts, HERE. Don’t miss the full electronic music experience.

Still have no clue about IDENTITY? Check this out.