Now you can play music off your tattoo

Visual artist takes body modification to a whole new level

Tattoos are all about self-expression, and some times, that message gets a bit lost.




(We love to customize our Bluetooth portable speakers, and are big fans of individual expression, but you have to have gone “WTF” when look at at least one of these.)

Russian visual artist Dmitry Moroz has seemingly solved this conundrum for the misinkerpreted, with his project “Reading my Body”. Using rail-mounted sensors that traverse across his arm, the device reads “notes” off a barcode-like tattoo, and plays sounds based on the data it picks up.



The device is also equipped with a 3-dimensional Wii remote controller, which uses OSC protocol in order to give the user additional expression by moving one’s hand in space.

Worth noting: the sensors can either move on their own or be controlled manually, meaning each tattoo isn’t limited to one song, and one song only.

As Moroz explains on his Vimeo page, the point of this project is to “represent the artist and his instrument as a creative hybrid.”

Pretty cool concept. Take a listen for yourself below:

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Audiophile has headphones implanted in his ear

Surgical experiment allows user to pick up audio signals sans wire

Wearable technology is all the rage these days. Surgically implanted technology, however, is a frontier not many are willing to cross. Luckily, we have people like Rich Lee willing to put his body through the trials and tribulations of what’s known as a grinder; that is, experiments with surgical implants or body enhancements.

You see, Lee recently had a small magnet implanted in his tragus—the hard-ass protrusion on the inside of one’s ear canal—for the purpose of having it act like an earbud in his head.

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Ten Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos – 2012 Edition

Nothing Lasts Forever Except The Embarrassment of a Bad Tattoo

There are a lot of lists floating around on the internet these days of dumb celebrities who’ve gone and gotten even dumber tattoos. It’s funny to think of how a misspelling scrawled into their skin will indelibly remind us of just how fallible these lesser Gods really are. In the end they aren’t any better than the rest of us, just more popular and, in most cases, with a whole lot more money.  They might be better off investing in some sick sound gadgetry, but alas, to each his own.

Since the list of new idiotic tattoos being carved into the soft flesh of celebrities never seems to quit growing (thanks in no small part to rap music and reality television) we’ve decided to jump in and add our own Top Ten. Hope you enjoy! And remember, it’s only gotta last forever, so make sure it counts!

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