Just in time for summer: Tips on getting sand, dirt and water out of your phone

You bring your phone everywhere—know how to protect it

It’s summer, which means a majority of us will now be spending a majority of our time outdoors, living it up under the sun.


While long days at the beach, lake, and poolside might lie ahead of us, one thing you want to avoid is having to spend hours at your local phone repair shop getting your device fixed because of a little sand, dirt or water got in it.


Boombotix users are especially prone to this due to the fact that the speakers are Bluetooth capable and extremely durable. They go everywhere and anywhere with their users, and while they’re designed to take a beating and keep on ticking, today’s iPhone or Galaxy S5 phones are not, and are quick to stop when exposed to some outdoor elements.

If you get some grime in your device this summer, don’t fret! Here are some quick tips on fixing it up, mostly drawn on personal experience.

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How to control your car stereo with your smartphone

Simple components plus a Bluetooth portable speaker and a little audio know-how are all it takes modernize your vehicle

While it would be super sweet if Tesla were to drop the price on their ridiculously awesome cars . . .


. . . many of us will never be able to afford a car that has this many technological bells and whistles.

That doesn’t mean you can’t modernize your current car to meet today’s standard of cool. Did you know that you can control your car’s stereo system with your smartphone using basic technology? Here’s how:

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