Because this is ‘merica gawd damnit

taco cannon

Boombotix is located in San Francisco’s Mission District where we have taco’s available every two-hundred feet.  Naturally, when I saw this, I realized that the possibility for #nextlevel taco delivery was finally here.  I could literally be sitting at my desk, use Siri to ping the taco cannon, and if my local taqueria could work on their aim, I could have a taco sniped into the palm of my hand.

This taco cannon was built for Fun Fun Fun Festival in Texas.  Are you surprised?  The device was made using a modified t-shirt launcher.  We’re on the hunt for some footage of this taco cannon in action.  If we don’t see anything promising, we may be spending the weekend building some new taco artillery.

Can this do burritos too?

Source: Gizmodo