Technology built into posters introduce world’s first two-dimensional electronics

Fully functional clocks, lamps, and stereos are thinnest ever

Two-dimensional desk lamp

Cool concept found on the InterWebs that’s actually also pretty easy to do at home. Referred to as “Flat Life”, the posters below feature electronic devices built into them that actually work pretty well.

Thin desk lamps

The entire thing was created by Finn Magee using LEDs to produce the world’s thinnest, two-dimensional desk lamp and a 7-segment LED display to show the time on the image of a clock-radio.

Thin radio

Two-dimensional radio

Magee took the concept one step further to also create a poster of a speaker that produces a loud, fairly clear sound.

Two-dimensional speaker

Granted, the sound is nowhere close to what you get with one of our three-dimensional portable speakers, and the light from the desk lamps seen earlier probably isn’t “that” bright, but hey, it’s a concept piece. And a cool one at that, with simple enough technology that—truthfully—anyone can do at home.

Nice work Magee!