Toyota teams up with Parlee Cycles — Debuts bike of the future at the 2013 North American International Auto Show

Car manufacturer has been working on concept bike for nearly two years

Prius Parlee bike at auto show

Here’s something you probably wouldn’t expect to see at a car show — the bike of the future. But hey, when you’re one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, I guess you can do things however you damn well please.

At the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota officially put on display a concept bike it’s been working on since 2011. That’s when Prius Parlee originally posed the question, “What if the Prius were a bicycle?” Rather than ignore this hypothetical, the folks at Toyota teamed up with Parlee Cycles to answer this very question.

The result is impressive. The bike on display at the auto show features a fully carbon fiber frame to keep things light and make it easy for the cyclist to move around. The brakes are molded into the fork for better aerodynamics, and there’s a built-in dock for a smartphone to track riding speed, cadence, and heart rate.

Prius bicycle

Smartphone on bike rack

Normal stuff, I know, but here’s where the group really blows your mind: Also included (and demonstrated at the show) is a helmet that comes equipped with neurotransmitters to allow riders the ability to shift gears just by thinking about it.

Prius bike project has brain sensors

Gnarly, right?

“Embued with the spirit of Prius, this aero-road bike is also a purpose-built machine that blends simplicity with the complex to become a better, more efficient, version of something that already exists,” Toyota writes in a press release about the bike.

Since the whole thing’s still in concept mode, there’s no pricing available. All we have are the pictures above and the following video on the development of the contraption:

iPad Mini Installed in Dashboard

Yes, there is already an iPad Mini installed in a car dashboard

Someone had to do it.  The iPad Mini had to be installed onto a dashboard so that you could use the god awful Maps app on there when you’re hopelessly lost.  Tampa, Florida’s Soundwaves jumped on this Toyota project and made it happen faster than Jenna Jamison removes her panties.

Gaming that requires the gyroscope could be a little tricky.  It’d be rather fun trying to play Angry Birds by tossing your car around in the parking lot.  Either way, there are probably some pretty cool apps out there to get car vitals.  Maybe Cobb should come out with an iPad based fuel mapping app?

Image credit: Soundwaves

Source: Engadget