Battle of the Bay BMX Comp Recap

Purple Couch

Today we headed out to Treasure Island for a little Oakland vs. SF BMX competition hosted by Clayton Bikes.  We lucked out with a bluebird sunny day, but we still had the usual bayside breeze to deal with.  Going down one direction, riders were greeted with a hefty tailwind that sent some guys on the step-up and table top.  Coming back into the wind, a lot of the guys just went for the casual nose manual… except the few and the proud.

Boombotix took care of getting speakers to every athlete that qualified for finals.  BMX riders live bootstrapped beyond what any other category of bike athlete does, so getting them tricked out with some ultraportable speakers felt great for guys that spend 90% of their time on the road/street hitting one spot to another.

We also made some friends with the crew that had found the SICKEST purple couch that we’d ever seen.  They picked it up at a Salvation Army store for $50.  I offered him $150 for it right on the spot and he wasn’t moved.  We will look to rent it.

Check out pics from the event album.

BMX Contest: Battle of the Bay 2

Bay Area BMX | Battle of the bay 2 poster

August 26, 2012.

Treasure Island.

Pros, amateurs and spectators head to Treasure Island this Sunday to watch local talent kill it on their BMX while checking out awesome shops, eating favorite food trucks and drinking beer and wine.

If you want to participate, it’s $20 for amateurs and $25 for pros. You can win tons of cash and prizes, even your own wireless portable speaker!



Free Treasure Island tickets and portable speakers? Say what…

outside lands

Are you too broke to go to Treasure Island?  Many of us didn’t budget for every rageful luxury such as Outside Lands and Burning Man and Treasure Island while being able to eat and pay rent in San Francisco.  Many of us working in a bootstrapped startup (ourselves included) have hoards of energy and creativity, but no time or money to see a lineup including The XX, M83, SBTRKT, AraabMuzik, and Public Enemy.  If you are dying to see this insanely fat lineup and you only have enough dollars to buy Hot Cheetos and Takis then we have just the ticket…literally.

Here’s the deal though; We’re not going to do some lame raffle to get your email address and build a spam list.  We just want to be amused by your desperate attempts to ruthlessly self promote.

To win a ticket, we provide you with the extravagance of choice.

If you own a boombot you can do the following:

  1. Make a video of how you utilize with your ultra portable speaker and upload it onto YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Take an exceptionally artsy Instagram photo with your Boombot in a beautiful landscape, cityscape, wherever. Upload it onto Swagonomics and Facebook and voile! You’ve entered!

For those poor Boombot-less souls, you can enter these ways:

  1. Write a blog post explaining how Treasure Island is screaming your name and why you need a Boombot in your life.
  2. Take a photo of yourself being awesome.
  3. Draw a cartoon or picture related to music and having fun.

We aren’t going to give away a free two-day ticket out of sympathy (we ain’t ballin’), but if you have a legitimately awesome video, photo, blog post or drawing send it to for a chance to win.  Be sure to include “Treasure Island FREE ticket” in your subject header. We’re also giving away a festival survival kit including a free Boombot2, a blanket, beach ball, bubbles, pack of gum, and other necessary items.

How it works: The super qualified judges from Boombotix choose their favorite 5 contestants. Starting October 3 our Facebook fans vote for who they like the most.