Voicemail is Obsolete – It’s OFFICIAL


The year is 2013 and officials worldwide have declared voicemail to be obsolete.  The increase of smartphone adoption has created a wave of alternative communication options including SMS, voIP services (Heytell, Voxer, WhasApp, Skype) and email are putting voicemail into the Stone Age.  If you’re using the best wireless speakers in the game, does it make sense to be leaving voicemails still?  More and more people are ignoring, deleting, and never listening to their voicemail.  In San Francisco, Nick Willsher claimed, “I’ve actually taken a proactive measure and let people know on my recording that voicemail is dead.  I’m trying to build awareness and make people understand that it’s not OK to leave a voicemail in 2013.”

what to do in the new age

For starters, STOP leaving voicemails.  Get with it.  It’s pretty simple.  If you hit someone’s voicemail when you are calling them, simply hang up and resort to one of hundreds of different “modern” communications methods.

Dr. Boomworthy, PHD in psychology suggests, “the first step towards making a big change like this is admittance.  If you are in denial about this, you will be left behind which compounds the problem.  You will wonder why your friends are communicating with you.  It’s not that they don’t like you.  It’s just that they are simply NOT getting your message….. or maybe they just don’t like you.  But that’s your problem.”

Some people use apps like Grinders to communicate on a variety of levels, while some rely on social media.  No matter which medium you choose, as long as it is well traffic’d and accepted amongst your peers, you’ll be just fine.  Pay attention to where trends are going in communicating and don’t fall behind. Talk to your friends about it.

If you really want to take a pro-active approach at this, start by sharing the Voicemail is Obsolete OFFICIAL Facebook page.

the future of communication

Looking down the road, you’re pretty safe with a lot of the smartphone based communication methods.  Really, the only quantum leap we’re going to have in the next millenium is telepathy which may start with neuron embedded phones.  Watch out.